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After the premiere of the third season of “La Casa de Papel” we got the chance to chat once again with the “voice” behind it. Cecilia Krull is a Spanish singer, songwriter and musician, who gained fame through the main theme of the series, “My Life Is Going On”. Since she is about to release her debut studio album, we discussed with her about its content and its musical style.

Many references were made on the series and we didn’t neglect to talk about the rock version of the successful main theme nor about Pedro Alonso’s (Berlin) cover. What is her opinion about Greece and how did she experience her participation at Madwalk, where she sung for Atelier Loukia? Furthermore, recently Cecilia released her new single, entitled “Hard” and she talked to us about her inspiration.

Is it easy for her to write a song by order and what is her opinion about the soundtracks she has participated in? Has her daily routine been affected by the success and the fame that she have gained? Read the interview that Cecilia Krull gave to below…

Cecilia, welcome back to! We are very happy to be doing an interview with you again! What have you been up to lately?

I´m very happy to do an interview with you again ! I released my new single “HARD” and I’m doing concerts and composing new music for my new album which will be available in 2020.

In the third season of “La Casa de Papel”, we heard a rock version of “My Life Is Going On”. Will there be an official release of this version? 

We make this new version for the chapter but who knows if maybe we are going to do the extended rock version ! For the moment I don’t know but I will love it !

According to your own style and musical influences, do you prefer the original version of this song, the rock one or any of its remixes?

My life is going on means a lot to me, I love all the versions and I love the covers that I receive on my instagram too!

During the end titles of the last episode, we heard an unexpected cover of “My Life Is Going On” by Pedro Alonso. What is your opinion about this cover and whose idea was it in the first place?

I love the voice of Pedro Alonso ! And I love the version too! I think the idea was from Manel Santisteban who is the composer of the original soundtrack and the rock version. He is the best!

What is the most important thing of being the “voice” of “La Casa de Papel”? What are your feelings?

It’s a dream come true. I feel very thankful and grateful for what is happening to me. The most important thing is to do what Ι love the most, and keep working!

In April, you have been chosen to perform your song “My Life Is Going On” during Madwalk 2019 here in Greece. Please describe to us your experience at the Olympic Fencing Center.

It was so amazing, in Greece you have so much talented people! I was impressed by the beauty and the organization, I felt great singing in the Madwalk and I would love to repeat that incredible experience !

Unfortunately, your scheduled concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki last year were cancelled. Is there any hope to see you again in the future?

Hope so !! I’m in love with Greece and I really want to go on concert !

Recently, you released your new single, “Hard”. What is “hard” for Cecilia and what does this song mean to you?

I wrote the song in a bad time for me and I think everybody can imagine what is the feeling when you finish a realtionship. It’s hard !

The last time we spoke to you, you mentioned that you were working on your debut album. What should we expect from this release?

Well, you have “Hard” for the moment and I can say that not all the songs are going to be ballads. You are going to hear electronics sounds too. I’m very focused on the sound and productions, lyrics and melodies…. As always, I try not to expect anything, and see what happens! The most important thing for me is to sing with my heart, and make music with truth.

You are really active on social media. What’s your relationship with your audience? Do you want to share with us an unforgettable comment or reaction from a fan of yours?

I take care of my social media personally. I like answering to everyone who writes to me, sends me a cover or mentions me on Instagram which is the social media that I use the most. I am also on the other side of this social network because I follow many artists that I admire so I really appreciate and try to reply and repost everything ! <3

Has your daily routine been affected by the success and the fame that you have gained in such a short period of time? 

In my personal life everything is similar, I’m a mother and a normal woman ! But I’m working more…. And I’m very happy for that !

How easy it is to write a song for a series or a movie, since we heard you on the soundtracks of “Tres Metros Sobre el Cielo”, “Fugas de Cerebros 2”, “Vis a Vis” and “El Accidente”, apart from “La Casa de Papel”.

It’s easy when it’s your passion. I work with Manel Santisteban who is the composer of the soundtracks who is a gift. When you do what you love and with great people, of course it’s easy. That doesn’t mean that we don’t expend a lot of time, but it’s time to do music and create something new! So I really enjoyed the process.

Do you prefer to write a custom made song by order or write one on your own from your own experiences? Maybe these two can be brought together?

I love to create songs for series and movies. Even if it’s by order I awalys try to put a part of me on every project. So definitely yes, these two can be brought together.

Is a tour included in your future, professional plans?


Is there any message you would like to share with the Greek audience?

Greek people and your country is a source of inspiration. My message is: I really admire you and keep going !

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