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DVICIO is a Latin pop band based in Spain, which was formed back in 2013. Andrés and Martín Ceballos, Nacho Gotor, Alberto González and Luis Gonzalvo gained recognition as Tiempo Limite in 2009 and four years later they released their first studio album, “Justo Ahora”, under their new band name, DVICIO.

Speaking of their background, they are a successful band in Argentina, Mexico and Spain, where their main fanbase is located. Their debut single, “Paraiso”, managed to give them the necessary impetus to continue, as it emerged as one of their most successful songs. Also, “Enamorate”, “Casi Humanos” and “Qué Tienes Tú” are a few of the songs that have gained great recognition so far. DVICIO, is one of the bands of the new generation that tries to combine personal, honest lyrics and style with modern, musical elements.

On March 19, the band released their third studio album, “Impulso”, and as Andrés Ceballos told us, they are already preparing their upcoming project. Recently, the band unveiled a new collaboration with the Argentinian star Lali, and Andrés told us about how this collaboration occur. Despite their nominations even at the Latin Grammy Awards, the band’s frontman thinks it is more encouraging for them to be in the studio creating music.

Quite down to earth and focused on his goal, Andrés Ceballos spoke to about the band’s next professional plans, the strange year we all had and gives a hopeful message to their fans. So if you want to learn more about DVICIO, read the full interview below.

Hello guys and welcome to! What have you been up to these days?

We’ve been enjoying our Christmas time and making a lot of music for the next year. Actually we are working on some new music and we are so excited to put it out next year.

How did you come up with your band name and what does it mean?

It’s an expression. It’s an Hispanic expression which means something that you can’t stop doing. Something is “dvicio” because you cannot stop from doing something.

How do you recall the “Tiempo Límite” period in your career?

Everything was easier. We just played and had fun and we didn’t too much about anyhting else. We didn’t think about a strategy so whatever. It was just playing and being young but it was cool.

What has changed since this moment in your lives and career?

We are a grown version of ourselves now and there is a label, there is publishing and everything now is more serious I guess but it is still fun. If it wasn’t fun we wouldn’t be doing this still.

You released your album “Impulso” last March. Is there a song from its track list that holds a special place in your hearts?

I love “Epiphany”. I think that’s the song that changed everything. We had an epiphany and that’s the reason we chose this title for the song. That song is different I think. You can feel the difference between this album and the previous one. It feels slightly a break point when everything just changed from the previous album.

On this album you collaborated with ChocQuibTown and Reik, Taburete, Llane and Farina. What are your thoughts or feelings about these artists?

We love working with different artists. We love Taburete, Llane, ChocQuibTown and Reik. They’re all great performers and some of them write their own music too. It’s a blessing working with them. Of course we love them a lot.

Recently you also released a new version and video for the song “Soy de Volar” with Lali. How did this collaboration occur? How did the idea of re-recording the song as duet came up?

This happened because we really have a good relation with her, so that’s why my brother and me called her and we showed her this idea of this song that wasn’t released on the “Impulso” album and she loved the song. It was a challenge for her to do something so “naked” –I would say “naked”- There’s not much production on this, just the voices and an electric guitar and so it was challenging for her and for us too. We loved working together. It was a great idea after all.

Are there any other artists in the world that you would love to collaborate with in the future?

Maybe one day, we would like to collaborate with Lewis Capaldi. We love Maná too as for an Hispanic album. We also love Jamie Cullum which is so cool and James Bay too. I would also say Imagine Dragons. There are so many and so inspiring bands.

Your work has earned you a nomination for a Latin Grammy Award so far. Could these honors really help the career of any artist somehow?

I think what is more encouraging for me is the fact of being in the studio creating new music. Always think about an idea and make this idea become real and share your idea with the rest of the world, trying to impact them as much as you can, and change their lives for good. So that’s the most important part for my career! At least for me! Not as much as the awards or being nominated to a Grammy.

Which do you consider to be your career’s highlight so far?

Definitely being together for more than ten years, that’s a highlight! It’s not easy to be in a band but we are happy to work together, we are friends and we are so excited about what’s coming up next, in 2021.

Do you remember any funny/weird incident from your concerts so far?

We’ve had a couple of wedding proposals on stage.

2020 has been a difficult year for all the world. What did you miss the most during this year?

We miss a lot performing in public because we haven’t performed during this year due to the pandemic. Instead we have been doing new music but we didn’t perform so much and we miss it a lot. We miss sharing these moments with our fans and travel and being so close to people’s reaction! That’s what we love the most.

Greece, like most other countries, is a meeting point for artists. Have you ever visited our country?

I’ve never been in Greece but I would love too. Nacho our guitar player has been there and he was surprised with how beautiful your country is. So half to a weekend doing a show we can work there we can travel and visit your country this year, next year I would say.

Do you know any Greek artists?

No tengo idea. I have no idea about Greek artists but I would love to know a little bit more about your culture guys because I don’t know much about it.

What are your next professional plans?

For now I need to finish three or four songs that I have in mind and start working on our next album and as I said before, try to start gigging and performing and do shows for the people that we love. Try to impact with our music and have fun and enjoy the ride because that’s our main purpose in our career.

What’s your message to all your fans around the world?

(See Andrés’ answer in the video below)

Interview: Thodoris Kolliopoulos

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