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Bass Delight Crew is based in Patras, Greece and is a group of DJ’s and producers dedicated to spreading Jungle / DnB / Reggae / Dub culture and music.

It is the inspiration and creation of Dimitris (Dimitris Bass Delight), one of the oldest and most experienced DJ’S of the genre in Greece. Being active since 1993, it is part of the living history of the “Jamaican-UK” scene of the city and the country in general.

The Crew has organized and participated in hundreds of events in Patras and Athens, while they’ve also shared the decks with other DJ’s of the international music scene, like: Kenny Ken, Dub Pistols Soundsystem, Bladerunner, Aries, Run Tingz, Jacky Murda, Serial Killaz, Frisk, Dirty Dubsters , DJ Vadim, Jstar, Dreadsquad etc.

Now the moment has arrived when Dimitris Bass Delight will once again share the stage – and more specifically the Arch Club stage – with the legendary Dub Pistols, in yet another explosive live.

Dub Pistols will return to Athens with a new album, on Saturday May 20th at the Arch Club!

A great and powerful after party with ARIES, one of the best Jungle DJs in the world, FLeCK, Bass Delight, Sgt Rookie and Mc Yinka on the mic, awaits those who will stay at the Arch after the Dub Pistols concert and those who decide to come just for that at 00.30.

When did you start listening to Jungle and when did you actually start playing this genre of music?

I started listening to jungle and playing it when it started in England in 1994. Even before that I was playing English breakbeat and Jungle like Happy Hardcore which was the evolution of that music genre.

So, you have watched the explosion of Rave culture very closely. What age were you?

I remember it was 1991, when at the age of 14 I started buying my first Techno Rave vinyls.

What made you “stick” with Jungle and Drum n’ Bass?

It was when I bought “Charlie” by the Prodigy! “I went crazy” and started searching to discover more of this musical sound. As I told you before, what I was playing was English breakbeat, UK Hardcore to be precise. Jungle and Drum & Bass were the evolution of this musical genre.

What was your first dj gig?

My first gig was in 1993 in Patras in a shop called Mosquito. I remember the anxiety I had because I would play for the first time, I was shaking and I couldn’t put the needle to the vinyl. My friend Giannis who owned the store was very supportive of electronic music and gave us the opportunity to organize events often.

What people influenced you to start and continue playing music?

When I was young I used to go to my cousin who was quite a bit older and had a very large record collection. I think I was influenced enough by him to get into vinyl. At the same time, a family friend of ours from Athens brought me cassettes with electronic music. So that combination really influenced me to get more involved, down the road.

You play exclusively with vinyl. Have you ever thought about starting to play with digital methods?

I think after 30 years of playing vinyl exclusively it’s very hard to change. Of course, as I get older, the carrying becomes a little more difficult for me, but I have more faith in the guys that I work with and help me (laughs).

How do you follow the evolution of the global Jungle scene, at this time?

Jungle is still evolving worldwide. Beyond England, where it has great momentum, there are countries like Spain, where it also has excellent producers, France, Italy and many others that keep the scene alive.

At times you have invited some very big names of the international Jungle scene. Could you tell us the 2 most special artists you have worked with so far?

I have had excellent cooperation with those I have brought. Apart from great personalities, they are very simple people and that is very important. I will say about Kenny Ken who is probably the biggest name I have called. I remember when he came to Patras to play I suggested to to go to eat at a restaurant, he counter-suggested that we go for hamburgers so that he wouldn’t charge me a lot. I think words about this man are unnecessary. Then I would say Aries and that’s why I’ve brought him several times.

When did your acquaintance with Fleck begin?

Fleck and I have known each other for many years, I think since 2000. He came on a Carnival Saturday in a shop where we had an Old Skool Breakbeat night. We had a lot in common in music and we automatically bonded!

We’ve noticed you invite Aries every year. What are the elements that make you invite him so often?

Aries is one of the best guys I’ve worked with. He is one of the biggest names worldwide in the Jungle / DnB scene and three times awarded as best Jungle dj / producer at the Drum and Bass Awards.

Who are your Top5 artists, regardless of style?

1) Dennis Brown

2) Shy Fx

3) Ed Solo

4) Manu Digital

5) Barrington Levy

Beyond the music, we know you’re a kiosk owner! How is life running these two things?

I have been working in the kiosk for almost 20 years. It’s a job where you have contact with people and I like that. Now the combinations with music, because I live permanently in Patras, is a bit tough when I have to play in another city. Imagine that when I play in Athens in the morning I work normally in the kiosk and then I just leave Patras directly, without having had time to rest.

Do you have any other occupation or hobby?

My occupation in recent years is with stray kittens. At the moment I nourish about 30 stray cats in the kiosk and I try to provide them with the best possible quality of life.

On Saturday, May 20th, Dub Pistols are coming and you’re taking over the after party with an explosive line up, of international level. Are you ready for this?

I’m always ready, we live and breathe for nights like this. I think it will be one of the nights we will remember forever.

Interview: Spyros Gardiklis

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