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He is one of the biggest names in the rock music scene, with a brilliant career that goes beyond four decades. Bryan Adams is also a well-known photographer in the fashion and entertainment business and founder of The Bryan Adams Foundation which aims to advance education and learning opportunities for children and young people worldwide, believing that a proper education is the best gift that a child can be given.

He has earned many awards for each of his highly acclaimed occupations, and his musical creations have awarded him with a Grammy and have brought him one step away from winning a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, too!

With a brand-new compilation that enlists some of his greatest hits, and two new songs, Bryan Adams has a new repertoire ready with which he’s ready to hit the roads of the world, once again, doing what he knows best; to play live his songs giving his audience more unforgettable moments.

Shortly before that, his representatives gave, a brief Q&A in which Bryan Adams talks about all of the above…

On your latest compilation “Ultimate”, we heard two new songs “Ultimate Love” and “Please Stay”. Why did you choose to incorporate these songs with your biggest hits?

I wanted the collection to have something people hadn’t heard before, so one rocker (Ultimate Love) and one mid tempo soul song (Please Stay) seemed like a good idea. It’s also a very good reflection on what you would see at a live concert.

What were the criteria/process for the selection of the songs that compose the tracklist of this album?

I was restricted by the amount of time I could get on one CD, so I chose songs that I perform every night. That way if people were coming from the shows, listening to the CD would be like reliving the show, more or less.

Do you have a special formula for your song-writing or does it come naturally and spontaneously?

I might come up with a chorus or a verse idea, and finish it with Jim my co-writer when we get together or vice versa. It can happen anywhere. At the moment we are writing a musical for Broadway based on the film ‘Pretty Woman’ and we’ve been based in NYC in hotels.

Have you ever felt that you should have written any of your songs differently?

I like how I recorded my songs; I remain true to them live.

You’ve toured so much all these years. Is this still something that you love doing?

Well it’s no secret that I love what I do, and it’s never dull going on tour. Luckily I’m able to tour the world; it would be great if I could tour for another 10 years.

You have already worked with several artists on stage and in the studio as well. Would you like to do another duet in the future and if yes, who would you choose to collaborate with?

I’d love to do another one someday, maybe Beyoncé, Pink or Lady Gaga? That would be grand.

As a musician and at the same time a professional photographer, do you ever feel like combining these two arts?

It’s important that the music ties into the image. It’s always a puzzle and a puzzle I enjoy. I’ve been lucky with most of my album covers, (I wish I could say the same about some of my early videos).

Have you been working on something new as a photographer recently?

I’ve been working on various books, “Exposed”, “Wounded – The Legacy or War” and a new one called “Homeless” which comes out later this year.

You are also a philanthropist and an activist. Can you share with us one of your recent achievements with The Bryan Adams Foundation?

We recently revitalized a playground in an urban area of London for a state school and seeing the kids reaction to having a safe place to run around, was one of my favorite things we’ve done.

For all the above you have gained several awards and honours but which one still stands out for you and why?

I was given a microphone award for singing when I was about 22. I love that one because at the time, I couldn’t believe anyone was even listening. I was speechless receiving it.

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