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Cecilia Krull comes from a musical family. Her father is a pianist and her mother is a singer, her grandfather plays the accordion while she has uncles and cousins ​​who are also musicians. At the age of seven, Krull began her collaboration with Disney, recording songs and dubbing until the age of 14.

About a year ago, she came into our lives with the song “My Life is Going On” which we first heard in the opening titles of the popular Netflix series “La Casa de Papel”! The huge success of the series brought great recognition to her as well, while the song literally crazed the YouTube views-meters and the streaming / download services, making it one of the most successful songs for the season 2017-18.

But who is Cecilia Krull? What is her opinion about the television series that has nailed the whole planet in front of their monitors? Who are her favourite characters from the series? How did she face this sudden success in her career and what are her future plans? These and many more have been answered to us by Cecilia Krull herself, through the following, exclusive interview given to!

Cecilia welcome to ! What have you been up to these days?

Travelling doing concerts, preparing my new album, producing… And living my life ! Sharing with family and friends.

How did the songwriting of “My life is going on” occur? What does it mean to you as a song?

Manel Santisteban who is a great composer of soundtracks in Spain, with whom I work since 2009, called me and asked me to prepare a song for a tv series. It was for “LA CASA DE PAPEL”. So we started working on it, he wrote the music, and I sung and wrote the lyrics, for which I gained inspiration by the character of Tokyo, when I first saw images from the first episode. But “My life is Going On”, speaks also about me….

Did you expect the success of the series “La casa de papel”, nonetheless of your song?

I started working with Alex Pina in 2009, doing a song for the movie “Tres Metros sobre el cielo”, so I know how his team works, and I knew and felt that the series would be great! But we never expected that huge and worldwide success! It’s amazing!

In what way has it changed your career so far?

My career obviously has changed because now there are a lot more people who knows me and it’s a dream come true.

Are you a fan of “La casa de papel”?

YES! Who isn’t!

Who is your favorite character?

I love Berlin! And Nairobi <3

You have collaborated with a lot of great artists since now, like El Chojin and La Unión. Is there any other artist in the world that you would love to collaborate with in the future and why?

I would love to collaborate with so many artists! It’s quite difficult to chose only one, but If I had to, Lenny Kravitz was my idol when I was younger.

Which of your songs holds a special place in your heart and why?

Each song is special, and reminds me a different moment of my life.

Could you describe with a few words/a phrase the following: 

Disney: The Beggining

Spain: Talent

Greece: Inspiration

Jazz: My lover

Have you ever felt a great cataclysm of emotions while singing in public and if so how do you recall this moment? 

Yes of course, many times when I perform I really feel connected with the audience and the musicians on stage. Live music is such a magical thing.

With which song did this happen and what did you do ?

I specially remember performing “LUSH LIFE” the Jazz standard in a Jazz Club in Madrid, I started crying because of the meaning of that song….

What’s the biggest dream of Cecilia Krull about her musical career?

Be happy and make people around me happy too.

What are your next professional plans? Should we also expect a new album soon?

I´m working on new songs. I’m preparing my new album which will be released hopefully in 2020 but I will also release singles in the meantime.

Is there anything else that you would like to add that hasn’t been mentioned until now?


What is your motto in life?


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