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Daphne And The Fuzz is a five-piece band that belong to the record label, Inner Ear. Their front-woman, Daphne Lazou, talked to us and showing her dynamic personality that guided the band to end up in the form it has today. Daphne And The Fuzz are formed by Daphne Lazou (lead vocal), Orestis Benekas (keybords), Giannis Rallis (guitar), Dimitris Doumouliakas (drums) and Vasilis Nissopoulos (bass). As an organized team, they followed their own method and two years after the release of their debut album “Daphne And The Fuzz”, the group got into the studio for their next project.

The new album, entitled “2AM”, released on 12th of October, 2018 and includes eleven tracks. Daphne Lazou and her team seem to be more mature in this album. They also propose an electro-pop sound that it is completely different from their first album that deepened into classical, musical trails.

What does Daphne And the Fuzz stand out from the whole procedure of creating an album? What are their main influences and what were their primary thoughts before creating the album? Daphne Lazou opened up her heart and spoke to us about the above and her dreamy collaboration. Also, she shares with us her love about direction and her future plans as an artist and front-woman of Daphne And The Fuzz.

Daphne welcome to! Two years after your debut album “Daphne And The Fuzz”, you released your second project “2 AM”. What are we going to listen this time from Daphne And The Fuzz?

This time we were clearer to the sound we wanted to reach, it was obvious from the beginning that we are making an electronic pop album with uptempo tracks and more extroverted mood.

Do you want to tell us more about the people who contributed to its creation?

Of course I will start talking about the whole of Daphne and the Fuzz and the soul of the album: Orestis Benekas on the keys, Yannis Rallis on the guitar, Dimitris Doumouliakas on drums and Vasilis Nissopoulos on bass, each one of them contributed with their sound and their artistic quality to the tracks, there were some things that we had already found in the rehearsals and a lot of things came up during the recording process. It was Vasilis who took over the production and the mixing of the album. We wrote together some of the tracks on this album and generally “2AM” would be something completely different without him. The final touch to the sound is attributed to Yannis Christodoulatos, who did the mastering, and to Diewin, who made additional mixing. The cover you see is a result of the collaboration between Out There Studios, throughout the whole graphic piece, on a photo by Mariza Kapsambeli and the design of the glasses I wear by Marina Maniadaki.
Of course, “2AM” wouldn’t find its way out without our record label, Inner Ear.

What were your thoughts while creating this particular album? What did you want to suggest to your audience this time?

All the ideas are born somehow spontaneously without having a clear idea in my mind of what I want to say, in the first place. But I wanted the way of saying it to create a pleasant mood and an appetite for dancing to the listener and ultimately to be able to speak directly to the audience, even at the first level.

We would describe your new music as more ‘mature’ and more electro. What were the influences that led to the final form of the album?

While on our first album we have clearly focused on diachronic and classical influences, on “2AM” we wanted to refer to a more modern sound and to approach new artists who we admired and listened to their new material during the time of the album’s creation. Some of them are MGMT, Gorillaz, Justice, Tame Impala, Air, St. Vincent.

Which things stand out for Daphne And The Fuzz from the process of creating/recording new material, and from their live appearances?

Each of these processes is unique, wonderful and the reason that we continue to do what we do. To me, creation is the most raw, spontaneous form of expression. You let yourself talk to your subconscious, make an alternative form of reality, and give some thought about it. During the recording there is the magic of collectivity. You see your creation acquiring another substance through the treatment and look of people you trust aesthetically (and emotionally) and eventually make it perfect, ready to find its way and stop being something that belongs to you. And finally, in live shows, I feel that the songs/creations belong to me and to the public at the same time, there is something very beautiful in sharing them, I feel that they are my own again while on stage, though at the same time there is the decompression and the exposure, that have their own charming elements in a live performance.

We are going through a technological ‘revolution’ that strengthens the relationship between the audience and the artist. Do you think this development really helps the artists?

On one hand, it is possible for each artist to have a direct relationship with their audience and to control what this relationship will be on their own, but on the other hand, personally, I get very anxious with the fact that I am no longer called to be just a good creator and performer, but I have to deal with the promotion and entrepreneurship of my music constantly to stand out. It’s a  double-edged sword.

It is a pleasure that there are plenty of new artists. Which artists of the new generation stand out for you and what do you admire in them?

I admire the ones who can do exactly all the above and they also enjoy it!

If you were given the opportunity to work with any artist, who would it be, and how do you imagine your common live appearance?

Right now I would like to write something with Alex Turner, record it with Damon Albarn and play it live next to Grimes!

Daphne, apart from creator of the band’s songs, you have also been involved with the direction of your music videos. What made you pursue music-video directing?

Whatever I think or hear, I will turn it directly into images (it’s the only way I can remember things because I have a bad memory). If you tell me what you had for lunch, I will automatically see you in this particular place, under this particular lighting, clothes and viewpoint, in every detail, eating this dish. So it’s very fascinating for me to share some of these images which I create in my head every day (perhaps the most imaginative) with others, without having to describe them, just by showing them. And the reason I really like music video clips or the more experimental/visual films is that they do not necessarily have a story to say. Images speak for themselves and they let everyone create their favorite storyline.

What is your biggest dream about your professional activities?

To get to a point where I can create music and images without worrying about whether I will have the money to continue doing it, to do it only for personal need, to go around the world and share what my creations with people who find something in them to fill them and move them.

Are the numbers a way to measure the success of an album or a song? What do you consider as a success?

Of course, I’ll refer to the numbers to figure out where my record stands more or less, how many people have listened to it, how mant like it. But it’s not just the numbers that define success and also the meaning of success is different for everyone. Success can be just the release of a record or a song, or the fact that I managed to make a tour with some response or when a stranger tells me that he listened to my music and he liked it a lot.

So, having released the album “2 AM”, what are the next professional plans of Daphne And The Fuzz?

To give a lot of live gigs and release new tracks!

Finally, for what are you grateful in your career so far and what are your hopes for 2019?

I’m very impatient as a person, and therefore I can’t wait to write the next piece, to take the next step, to move forward. But I see that the slow and steady steps that I’ve taken so far, have matured me enough and I feel that eventually everything will be done on time. These slow and steady steps I have done together and thanks to the people on my way, my colleagues, my friends, my family, the people who listen and believe in me and I think I could not be more grateful for something other than the fact that they have been in my life. My hopes for ’19 is to get closer to my dreams along with all these wonderful people! What else ;!

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