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Velix is one of the most talented DJs in Greece. His recent release entitled “Camouflage” generated people’s interest and now it’s ready to be heard at summer events. Velix also participated at the Primer Music Festival that took place at Water Plaza in Athens on the 10th of July. J Balvin was the headliner.

Since he was 12, Velix was occupied with music. As a restless spirit he started by learning the guitar, drums and after all that he ended up DJ-ing. His favorite place for a live set is Corfu and his residency is Pazuzu. As he told us he is going to make gigs there all over the summer. Also, on the 14th of September he is going to make a live set at Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos.

An outstanding and extreme moment in his musical career happened when he supported Afrojack and of course he told us the whole story. Furthermore, Velix has a dream that wants to come true: a collaboration with veterans of dance music, Swedish House Mafia.

So, if you want to learn more about Velix and find out what are his thoughts about Greece, read the interview below!

Hello Velix and welcome to! What have you been up to lately? 

Hello and thank you for having me! Lately I’ve been working on 2 tracks and I’m spending a lot of time in Corfu preparing for my Pazuzu residency too.

Hello and thank you for having me! Lately I’ve been working on 2 tracks and I’m spending a lot of time in Corfu preparing for my Pazuzu residency too.

I have been into music since I was about 12 year old and started out playing the bass and the guitar, but ended becoming up a noisy drummer, and when I was 15 I began DJ’ing just for fun. I graduated school and then went to Berkley College of Music, but I didn’t finish it because of some personal/family issues and had to return to Greece. After that I DJ’ed quite often as an amateur for fun, but it slowly started picking up… And here we are now haha!

Do you prefer the energy of a Festival or a crowded venue and why? What differences can you mention?

It’s a very different feeling actually. In a festival, you are forced to play for a specific amount of time and are limited with how much you can play. In a club, you adapt to the space and the people. You have (almost) no limitations of time, which makes you more creative to how and what you play. I’d say I actually prefer club shows much more.

What is the most extreme memory you have from a live set?

When I supported Afrojack (who is a REALLY tall and big dude by the way!) he was waiting behind me to start his gig. Time passed and passed, and after a while I was wondering why he wasn’t coming on. After 5 minutes, I saw 5 waiters carrying red bull cases coming in the booth and putting them under the equipment so it was more comfortable for him to play. I played another 5 minutes feeling REALLY short haha.

What does Greece mean to you? 

To me, Greece means beauty, and it’s a country that any Greek can be proud of. I’ve travelled all over the world and there is absolutely no comparison; it’s where I feel most at home.

Is there a special story that connects Greece and your career which you want to share it with us?

Most of my gigs are in Greece, and always have been, so the answer would be pretty much everything and every story is connected between the two.

Velix, a perfect set requires successful songs or nice beat matching?

Beat matching is the easy part! The most important part is about reading the crowd, anticipating their mood, what they want to listen to at that given moment and that’s what can make the difference!

If you had the chance to collaborate with a great artist, who would you choose and why?

There are so many artists that I would love to get the chance to collaborate with, but I’d say Swedish House Mafia, because they are the kings of Dance music!!

From your music releases so far, which one do stands out for and why? 

I’d have to say my single “Camouflage”! It is the track that seems to have really grabbed people’s attention and it was a really fun experience working with Laurell too as she is such a talented singer!

Summer is here and your live sets are on the way. Give us some information about your upcoming sets. Where we can find you?

I played at Primer Music Festival in Athens on the 10th July, and then I’m going to mostly be at Pazuzu Beach Club in Corfu over the summer season as I have my residency there. I’ll also be playing on September 14th in Cavo Paradiso in Mykonos along with Kid Angelo, Xenia Ghali and Korilla.

Is there any chance to hear new releases from you? Do you want to give us some information about your upcoming creations?

Yes, I’m currently working on two tracks at the moment. One is going to be a remake of a very well known old school house track from the early 00’s, and the second is a big collaboration in Greece with two other artists! Unfortunately I can’t give any more information that that!

Is there any message you would like to share with the Greek audience? 

When you go out, make sure you dance and go crazy. It makes you feel happy!!

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