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photo: Chris G.Kissadjekian

Halocraft is a band influenced directly by fantasy and fairy tales, consisting of four members: an “extraordinary rabbit” on guitars, a “magnificent wolf” on drums, a “marvelous cat” on guitars and keyboards and a “majestic fox” on the bass. They started their career in music in 2014, in Giannitsa, Greece and until today they are experimenting with different genres, while we can say that each of their albums has a specific theme and mood.

On the occasion of their new studio album and part of their trilogy, entitled “A Mother To Scare Away The Darkness” we spoke with them in deep about its concept. Halocraft tend to create a mix of classic fairy tales with a sense of love craft horror. Once the third part is completed, it will be released in comics for those who are interested in learning the plot.

Each song on the album hides a story behind it, which -of course- is influenced by fairy tales, while it is worth mentioning that, they are not the results of their personal experiences. Halocraft promise that we will see and hear about a big twist in the characters / members of the group in the third part of their trilogy and if you want to learn more, you can read the interview they gave to below!

Halocraft, welcome to!

Good evening and thank you for the invitation.

Recently, you released your second studio album, “A Mother To Scare Away The Darkness”, which follows your previous album “Chains for the Sea”. What kind of fiction is behind your project, which consists of three parts in total?

The story of the trilogy is a mix of classic fairy tale and love craft horror. Once the third part is completed, it will be released also in comics for those who are interested in learning the plot.

We could say that your debut album is darker than the second one. Now you seem to have experimented more with your sound. What do you want to highlight through this?

“Chains for the sea” talked about a darker chapter of the trilogy. Unlike from the beginning of “A mother to scare away the darkness”, we intended it to be happier – lighter. The third part will have a little of both since we want to give the public the choice of an alternative end. Whether the story ends in a good or bad way, will be in the listener’s perspective.

As a band, you pay close attention to what you present. We find that both of your albums consist of nine tracks. Is this a coincidence or was this choice targeted?

The truth is that our debut album has 10 tracks and not 9, there’s just one track which is hidden from the online platforms and it’s given only to those who have downloaded our album from bandcamp. Number 9 is not intentional, we just always make sure that the duration of the album doesn’t exceed 44 minutes so that it can be easily transferred to vinyl.

Each song on the album is accompanied by a story with a difficult beginning and a full of hope and light ending. Which song stands out for you based on its composition and which based on its history, and why?

As a composition we single out “It has awaken” because we like the way it’s gradually built, the experiments that we put in many parts of it as well as the monologue of madness with which the track ends. As a story, we also have to single out “The machine”, as the “machine” is at the core of what happens in the story.

Is this story inspired by personal experience or is it a product of fiction?

The story is purely a product of fiction. Our personal experiences and emotions play a key role in the way we write music but we want them to be expressed without being directly reflected in the story.

An “excellent hare”, a “majestic wolf”, a “wonderful cat” and a “majestic fox”. We meet these descriptions in your official bandcamp profile, which correspond to each of the members of the group. How did they come about?

If you look at the credits of “Chains for the sea” which is the next part of the story the hare from majestic becomes a common hare as the other animals degrade too. The names of the characters in “A mother to scare away the darkness” are captured through the eyes of the protagonist of the story and that’s why they are so resounding for her adopted children. Now as far as the members of the group are concerned, the use of animal masks is a custom found in the story in which women who leave children in the forest because they can not raise them, wear these masks in the hope of returning as creatures of the forest.

You are a band of four artists/musicians. What was your motive to write music that easily evokes a fairy tale and stimulates the imagination?

This was our goal from the very beginning. Even in the first days before anything was written we chose the name HALOCRAFT for the band as an attempt to give a taste of its content. We wanted to combine classic fairy tale concepts with elements of cosmic horror.

Which are the figures and heroes that motivate you to keep doing what you do?

Our heroes are the supporters of the band who help us continue to do what we love. Whatever we intended to do in the beginning, nothing would have happened without the help and support of these people.

Music has no borders. You are a band from Giannitsa (Greece) that in 2019 made a European tour. What are the most intense moments that you can recall in your memory before, after or even during your appearances?

We are lucky to have done this tour before the lockdown that followed. The most shocking thing for us was that we met people for the first time in countries we had never visited before who loved the band and made us feel like home. The truth is that there were many intense moments, both good and bad, but on the whole it was a wonderful experience that we look forward to live again.

What is your point of view on the impact that music can have on the society? Is it a means of motivation for you? 

The band doesn’t deliver a socio-political message and that is intentional. Our goal is to travel the listeners away from the problems of everyday life and for a few hours to place them in our own world. One message we get over and over again from fans of the band is that our music helps them to express themselves in different media such as painting, poetry, etc. which makes us very happy to know that the main result of our art is to create other art.

After the release of the album, what are your next, professional steps?

The rehearsals for the next album continue as we are in contact to participate in some festivals inside and outside Greece during the summer. Of course there are some other hidden projects which we will reveal in time.

What is your motto in life?

As Karolos Koun said, we make theater for our soul. Do what you love no matter how difficult it is and express yourself in your own way.

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