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Natassa Saloustrou, widely known as Juno is an emerging electronic and ambient-pop artist from Greece. Starting her career in 2017, when she released her first E.P., Juno proved that she can do many things at once. Creating songs, performing them, but also producing them are some of her skills and on the occasion of the release of her recent cover of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood’s classic “Ladybird”, in collaboration with the Polaroid Buffalo Club, we contacted her for to learn more about her and her future plans.

How did her collaboration with PBC for “Ladybird” come about and what does she have to say about her choice to release instrumental songs? Her writing lyrics in English is one of the characteristics of her songs but without ruling out the possibility of singing in Greek in the future.

In all honesty, Juno spoke about the influence she received from her family to deal with music, but also about the people and artists who support her to this day. Her musical influences, but also the biggest reward she has received so far were among the topics of our discussion, while she still didn’t hesitate to tell us about how she experienced the quarantine period herself as an assistant pharmacist.

If you want to know everything about Juno and learn about her next steps, read the interview she gave to below.

Hello Juno! Welcome to! First of all, would you like to tell us some things about yourself as an artist?

Hello! Nice to meet you and thank you very much for the hospitality. My name is Natassa Saloustrou aka Juno and I am a singer, songwriter and producer with a focus on electronic atmospheric music with English lyrics.
As Juno I was introduced in the summer of 2017 with my first EP “The Leap” and since then I write and produce my own music. I have officially released, in digital format, 3 EPs and 2 singles which you can find on all platforms.

Recently, you released a cover of “Ladybird” which was a collaboration with Polaroid Buffalo Club. How did this project come about? Tell us a little about it.

I feel very proud of “Ladybird”! During the quarantine, Costas Miliaras, the frontman, leader and producer of the PBC band, contacted me and asked me if I would like to try it. Without a second thought I said yes, because firstly I am honored by the movement and secondly I appreciate PBC and Kostas as artists, extremely. Besides, it would be an attempt from my part to swim in unfamiliar waters!

For your EP “Raw Takes” you were also involved in music production. How did this kind of activity helped you evolve as an artist?

I have been producing my own music since the beginning of 2018 when I released my first official single “Love in Stereo”, coming out even as a producer. My development as an artist in “Raw Takes” was based on the fact that I wanted to experiment with purely orchestral (instrumental) production. In other words, without relying on the lyrics and the song.

What was your motive to realease three instrumental songs with your “Raw Takes” EP?

First of all my need for evolution and experimentation. Then the curiosity about what emotions I could capture through an orchestral production without relying on my voice. It gave me a new breath and self-confidence to express myself.

You choose to write your lyrics in English. Is it something that helps you express yourself better? How did this come about?

My musical tastes and influences are purely English, so my choice is spontaneous and sincere from my first musical steps. This doesn’t mean that I don’t appreciate Greek lyrics. I would like to write Greek lyrics in the future and I estimate that it will be a special challenge for me.

What are those stimuli that shaped Juno into what she is today musically?

Listening to my grandparents as a child, while they particiapated in choirs as classical soloists but also listening to my father rocking with his guitar, these were my first valuable musical stimuli. I think classical music and rock have deeply influenced me in shaping my current identity.

Going back in time, how did your involvement with music begin? Were there people who pushed you more to your dream?

When I go back in time, I always have in mind my first steps when I started singing in cover bands and I always remember the constant support of my friend and guitarist Giannis Papageorgiou both then and now. In addition, I had a lot of support from associates who eventually became close friends like DistantStarr.

Which artists of the Greek, English-speaking scene stand out for you and with whom would you like to collaborate in the future?

I especially appreciate Smalfeels, Atomic Love, Anemi, Kalli and of course the Polaroid Buffallo Club! They all have their own sound and their own voice and I would love to be able to collaborate with them in the future.

What do you think is your biggest reward so far and what does it mean to you?

To listen to my music on the radio and when people let me know how much they like it and connect with it. All this makes me very happy and pushes me to continue and become a better person.

Could you imagine yourself in five years from now? How would it be artistically?

I could imagine myeself, yes, and say that I imagine it more artistically mature, more liberated, more expressive and more technically advanced. I also imagine that in the general context of self-expression I would like to be freer from fears and insecurities but also calmer.

How did you experience the quarantine?

I work as a pharmacist’s assistant, so during quarantine I was working normally. It was an unprecedented experience for me. All the emotions were so intense, the fear of the people so pervasive in the atmosphere and we all came to realize what really matters to each one individually but also to all of us universally. At the same time, Art in all its forms had the first role, it became our daily companion and I believe that to a large extent we all realized that while we have different recruiters, in principle we have the same basic needs.

Other than that, what are your next professional plans?

My next big achievement will be the production and release of my debut album. I can say with confidence that it is on its way!

Finally, what is your message to our readers?

Take a dip in the arts, try to feel them and support your favorite artists in any way you can! And of course, take care of yourself and your own people.


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