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Kim Hugo Leonel Niko Cesarion is a promising Swedish singer and songwriter of Guadeloupean and Greek origin.
He started his career the 2011, while his breakthrough in the music industry was made with his single “Undressed”, released two years after, on 22 March. The song became a hit fast, gaining fame and a position in the top 10 in 5 countries. His debut album carried the same name and was release on 6 June 2014. In 2016 Kim returned with the single “Therapy”, while recently, he shared his brand new single “Call on me”, produced by Martin René and Agrin Rahmani.

Now, Kim talks exclusively to SounDarts about his past, present and future thoughts, new songs that are yet to come, his connection with his fans, as well as his experience when he premiered his new single 30000 feet in the sky, during a flight of Scandinavian airlines SAS from Stockholm to Austin.

Even though he didn’t reveal much for his upcoming EP, news are that something is on the way and certainly sooner than expected.

You have mentioned before you were surrounded by music since you were a child, considering your parents were related with this field as well. However, the decision to choose the same path was entirely yours. Do you recall the moment you thought for the first time ‘this is what I want to do’?

Well, my parents weren’t working as musicians, but they played music. Well my father produced for a long period of time, but he was a dancer first and for most of the time. Yes, I recall choosing to play the violin after watching the Sunday Orchestra when I was 3years old and then wanting to be the front man instead, after watching D’Angelo in Stockholm 2001! An amazing show, really! Check out the live “Voodoo” album, it’s from that same night in Stockholm.

You have mentioned that fans are important to you. How do you manage to maintain that great relationship with them?

Of course, they are important! They are everything, otherwise there would just be me making music and no one listening…hehe. I try as best as I can, but obviously it’s hard to keep up at times! Although, when I do get to talk to the ones who are out there supporting me 100%, I find it’s really nice to get to know them who they are. Like now for example, when people actually “Call on Me” using FaceTime, talking to me, the communication gets a bit more direct and fun!

You are also a songwriter and so far you have written almost all of your songs yourself. Where do you gain inspiration from to write your lyrics?

I have written most of my old songs with the team I chose for the “Undressed” project. Now, I’m working with whoever I catch a vibe with, and people I really wanted to work with since before. Most important of all, I’m just having fun with it! Inspiration, I’d say that comes from everyday life and the people in the room!

In the past you also studied how to play various musical instruments. Do you still practice any of them?

My vocals for now, I should really brush up on my other instruments though…

Did you face any great difficulties these last years, and if yes, how did you deal with them?

I changed management. That was a situation that could’ve taken, probably 2-3 months tops, but ended up as a 2+ year situation. Most important thing is to not forget for why you are doing, what you do and in some way trust the process, specially as long as you manage to stay on top of it!

Is there something you would have done differently?

Oh, I think there’s always a thing that you could change looking back but more importantly is to not repeat them in the future!

Recently you released a new single titled “Call on me”. Would you like to share with us a few thoughts about your new song?

It was a fun song to make, because I had it going through a different process than usually. I know the sound might be different for the one who people fell in love with, the alternative soul/pop sound you got from “Undressed”, but I hope that they will appreciate both “Call On Me” and the songs to come!

You premiered your new single 30000 feet in the sky, during a flight. How did you come up with this idea and how did it feel?

When you got a great team that’s when ideas like this one come alive! We all are looking to do random, exciting and fun stuff, so this idea was a no brainer to work with and to perfect! How it was? It was special to say the least!

Generally, you have performed live many times, in front of many people. Do you feel any stress before your performances?

Yes, I do, but it’s a big reason to why I’m doing music: to perform.

Could you reveal to us any details about your next studio album? When and what should we expect from it?

I’ll announce details whenever it’s time, but something is on the way and it’s not gonna be long until it hits yours ears!

I would like to talk a little about your Greek origins, from your mother’s side. Do you keep in contact or do you have family back in Greece?

Yes, my family originates from Crete but they are now also in Athens. Actually, I’m told, you will find a statue of a great grandfather on the island.

Do you know any Greek words?

Give me a few months in Greece and I’ll get back to you!

Finally, I would like to close this interview with you sharing with us your motto.

My motivational motto is my own for now. 😉 haha

Thank you for your time and wish you all the luck in the world for the future!

Interview: Eleni Kefallinou

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