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An interesting voice of the music industry that represents the new generation of performers in Greece shares with us all her soul through her music. Lia Hide is a down-to-earth artist and at the same time a stargazer who is influenced by whatever has motion around her. 

The talented singer, manages to reconcile with the times and put her passion about music, in action. Through a complete interview, Lia Hide rightly makes us proud for being our guest and of course you can also get to know her, through her “dark” and full of emotions songs, but also through her live shows of her new tour which has just started.

Through this interview, she unveils which is her favorite song from her recent album “Everyone Seems To Know Who I Am”, her relationship with the internet, her interesting business plans and other personal details…

Lia, welcome to! What are your buisiness plans lately;

We are in the middle of a long tour which started last summer from the Aegean and the Ionian islands, as well as many cities in the greek province, and we’re leaving to Belgium and the Netherlands, where we have scheduled to play in four cities (Antwerp, Rotterdam, Utrecht and Brussels). Then we’re visiting Northern Greece, and later Italy, Germany and England, in an effort to get to know the people out there, and gain the power to go back to the studio for our third album!

In May you released your new E.P., “Everyone Seems to Know Who I Am”. Why is it so “dark”?;

The truth is that this Ep (in my opinion) is not as dark as “Home” (my first album). Generally, however, it is true that it characterizes my darker mood, but not with a pessimistic decision, these colors suit me more I guess, this more introverted aesthetic, and perhaps this more thoughtful sound. Lyricwise, I am concerned with dilemmas and problems that relate to everyday life, or to my personal matters, maturation, because the years pass, everything is changing, everything, evolution, and there, I find myself dealing with not so … cheerful issues. I am not the kind of person who would say “yolo”, so perhaps that’s why I find comfort in more “purple” colors. Overall, however, the music I hear and influences me has always been the darkest ..

The songs on this E.P. are all written by you. Which one stands out for you and why?

As a mother who can not distinguish her children, it is difficult to choose. But the truth is that I really love “Baby, I hate you”, because Euripides Zemenidis did such a terrific job in its production and orchestration, and I can’t get enough of it. It’s also one of the songs I have written on the guitar, and I always feel more tied to these kind of songs, maybe because I do not play the guitar well, compared to piano that feels like home.

All your songs talk about emotions and they are a lot “dreamy” in a way. Is Lia Hide like this in her everyday life?

Lia is generally a very cheerful child, and at the same time very … hot temper, but yes, I am very well driven by my feelings, although rigor is what describes me best in general, which derives from the many years of teaching or perhaps from the people who brought me up. But I am very spontaneous, stubborn and at the same time, a boiling cauldron, and that’s not always good for me. Mainly, I try to find beauty and goodness in almost anything around me, and then I am saddened when I am confronted with malice, unhappiness and rudeness.

You are an artist that belongs to a new social reality. How easy is it forn an artist to make a record today?

I would say it is very difficult, but I just did it so – I mean, I released an album on my own with the only help coming from my friends and colleagues, and of course with my finances, my salary and my pocket money. My first personal album was of my own production, but even when EMI was found to assist me with the artwork, the recording and the distribution of the album, it was an excellent facility. If you have to carry it all on your own, it is very difficult, because at first, you boggle with all the formalities and all the expenses. But it can happen. And yes, I was very indulged once all of our electronic albums were supervised by other collaborators or labels, but it’s worth the trouble.

Are you thankful for all these digital platforms which give you the ability to promote your music?

Yes, of course, because that’s how things are working now. I’m thankful for the social media, and platforms, but yet, I’m still a bit skeptical. However you have to keep up with the evolution, especially when you’re a small artist of my own range.

Were you in favor of the business called “internet” from the very beginning or was it scary for you then?

No, it did not scare me at all. What scares me is what this by-choice-anonymity has done to people, and this “I can say whatever I want” feeling, while hiding behind a user’s profile. This apathy bothers me, and this readiness to comment on, without consideration and research, the formation of an opinion in the name of popularity, I am bothered by the need of collecting likes, and I don’t really like instagram, because I consider it very superficial and epidermal, since it deals only with the image. But generally the Internet is wonderful but its use should be more intended, so a user can be protected from the rubbish and cheating, and there must be some kind of sensationalism policing, too.

Do you think that atrists are given equal opportunities to promote their work? Which do you think are the premises for a good result?

No, under no circumstances are there equal opportunities. They have never been equal, but now it’s even worse. A good final result lies in the need and the willingness of each artist to give, and to their art, their perception and their recruits. Who is going to reach the ears of the listener is a completely paranoid festivity, especially because there are still very tired or inadequate people in decision positions, and because here in Greece there is still the same mood that exists in the politics of the place: we want the already familiar, we want the least risk. It’s like in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king, and we don’t want to try something different, something that once could happen, -when the record labels were more financially flexible, and there was good radio-. I don’t say that, anywhere abroad is better than here, somewhere it is, somewhere not, every place has its own rules. That is why many of our artists are trying to connect with the public outside the greek borders, hoping that they will find these equal opportunities there.

Which features of Lia Hide will we see on stage? How have you imagined it?

Oh! I dn’t know! I am not hiding anything from me when I’m up there! I always react according to the audience! The truth is that I have thought of it, but I haven’t been given the opportunity to present it to the people yet because I haven’t managed to perform in the suitable venues, so I am confident that in the future I will do it and I will present it, just as I want!

What are your next professional plans, after “Everyone Seems to Know Who I Am”?

There is material for 2 more discs, one is half ready, and once we come back from Europe, we’ll go back to the studio. The other needs a lot of thought, and I guess it will come out in 2019.

It’s hard to talk about ourselves, but how would you characterize Lia Hide and what is her motto?

My moto is an Archive verse -personal responsibility- from “Bullets”, which means that we are the masters of our fate and of what happens to us, but at the same time, we are accountable for our actions, as we should. I am a great soldier of sincerity, and I am very much angry with supposedly falsehoods, masks and deceptions, with those who call themselves things that are not and qualities they do not possess. Lia in general is a very intense character, but she has a good soul, I’ve never wanted bad things to happen to other people, despite the fact I find it difficult to tolerate with the injustice out there.

Is there anything else that you would like to add that hasn’t been mentioned until now?

I would like to thank Mr. Giorgos Rados and Mr. Aki’Base, who are my family, my friends, my protectors, and those who have helped me in this difficult road I have chosen!

Lia, thank you so much for your time and good luck with your next steps! 

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