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Lola Marsh is an Israeli dream, indie-pop duo from Tel Aviv formed by Gil Landau and Yael Shoshana Cohen in 2013. In Greece, we had the chance to sing with it during its live performance at Technopolis in 2017. After that, Lola Marsh achieved great recognition in our country. communicated with the duo and finally Lola Marsh is here with an all-inclusive interview.

Since they prepare their upcoming and second overall studio album, entitled “Someday Tomorrow Maybe”, the duo shared with us a great story from the album’s song “What Am I”. Also, Gil and Yael talked to us about their first moments as a group, their background and the story behind their song “Only For a Moment”. What is their opinion about the combination of old and new in music and life in general? What are the most vivid memories from their concert in Athens back in 2017?

All of these and many more info about their upcoming album are the discussed issues. You can read the whole interview that Lola Marsh gave to below!

Lola Marsh, welcome at! Recently, you released your up-tempo single, “Only For A Moment”. What was your source of inspiration to write this song?

Hey!  So “only for a moment” was written in a day of a terrible storm in Tel Aviv. We wanted to write a “happy” song and finally had an idea for a good chorus when the storm arrived! We recorded the chorus in a rush because Yaeli remembered that she forgot to close the windows in her apartment, So on the first iPhone memo you could hear Yaeli screaming that she needs to run back home, and all the chorus is sung in double time because of it. ha 🙂

Your musical style combines pop, dream and indie elements that create positive feelings to the audience most of the times. What do you want to show us through your music in general?

First of all, we’re glad to hear that you think that our music create positive feelings!
When we write a song, it’s very important to us to let the song lead us and to create a wave of emotions through the lyrics, melody and sound.
Our songs are often very dynamic and has a dramatic moments in them, highs and lows, dark and bright. Music can really help you escape your daily life, and we truly hope that our music will make people feel they are in a different world, far away from their routine.

Apart from that you manage to combine perfectly the old with the most contemporary sounds. Is this a characteristic we could find it in your life too?

We definitely love the combination of old & new. We like to mix it in our sound, and sometimes you can hear it in our lyrics and melody as well.

In our personal life we do like the old / new in music, books, movies, furnitures(!) and more. There is so much magic in the past, and we enjoy bring it back to the present/ future.

Going back in time, how did you get to know each other and what was the reason for you to start your musical journey?

It was on Gil’s birthday party, when we first played together and instantly felt that there was a strong connection.
We met a few times, and it just clicked, like magic. We wrote and recorded so many demos, and performed all around Tel Aviv as a duo. After about a year or so we started looking for additional musicians to expand our sound. Soon we were joined by Mati Gilad (Bass), Rami Osservaser (Guitars & keyboards), and Dekel Dvir (Drums). We found true family in these guys, they are truly phenomenal at what they do and also great people.

How do you feel that you are already active for six years as a band? What differences can you mention through these years? Do you feel more mature musically?

In the beginning of Lola Marsh we didn’t really know where are we going, we tried so many styles and went to different directions.
It took us time to find the right color and the exact combination of the two of us inside the band. We are the mama and papa of the band, and each of us came from different musical background and taste. Nowadays, we feel much more confident in who we are, and our path is more clear.

Your relationship with the Greek audience is really excellent. How do you feel every time you come to Greece?

We’ve been to Greece one time, and it was soooo cool and we had an amazing time! We would love to come again and again cause the Greek audience is truly fantastic!

Is there any special story with your fans in Greece that you can share with us?

After the last show we had in Athens, Gil decided to stay a bit for a short vacation. He went to this really beautiful island (don’t remember the name) and suddenly, while drinking some cocktails on the beach he heard one of our songs (she’s a rainbow) playing from a small restaurant nearby. It was a real surreal & happy moment.

“Remember Roses” was your debut album and now you are ready to release your second record. Would you like to give us some more information about your upcoming project?

In our new album, we tried to create a cinematic feel as if you were watching a movie and every song is a different and exciting scene. Hope that people will like it.

Would you like to introduce to us the team behind this recording?

For the new album, we decided that Gil will produce it. All of us recorded and did the arrangements together. It was an in- house production.

Do you prefer the recording sessions or a world tour? What are those elements that make you want to keep going on your musical career?

Recording and touring are 2 completely different things. Both of them can be amazing and hard sometimes.

Lola Marsh what do you prefer to listen to during an ordinary day? What are your main influences?

Our biggest influences are bands like : Arcade fire, tame impala, Sufjan Stevens, Bon iver, lykke li, mgmt, the moody blues, Elvis, Edith Piaf and so many more..  we also get our inspiration from movies, soundtracks, traveling the world, people and more.

Is there a remarkable story behind any of the songs on your new album? Would you like it to share it with us?

“What am I” is one of the first songs we wrote way back in 2011 when Lola Marsh was just getting started. Over the years we have collected precious moments from our life on tour that are extremely personal and represent our true experiences behind the scenes.
Yaeli edited the lyric video using small clips we all took spontaneously with our cellphones, freezing memories and moments in time.

Lola Marsh, are we going to meet you again in Greece? Until then, what’s your message to your Greek audience?

We’re working on getting back to Greece! Really hope to see you guys soon.

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