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The Scottish singer Maggie Reilly became known for her collaboration with Mike Oldfield, giving us timeless hits such as “Moonlight shadow”, “To France”, “Foreign Affair” and “Family Man”. A thrilling solo career followed that led Reilly back to the top with songs like “Evrytime We Tocuh”, “Wait”, “Tears in the Rain”, etc.

Maggie Reilly, apart from her personal discography which is consisted of 10 studio albums until now and her collaboration with Mike Oldfield, has worked with great names in the field like Sisters of Mercy, Smokie, Nick Mason, Jack Bruce and many others. In less than a month from now, Maggie Reilly will return in Greece and she brings along all her great hits that will take us back to time, when everything was still innocent, giving us moments that will live for a long time in our minds..!

Shortly before her appearances in our country, she gave an exclusive interview to and talked to us about everything! About Mike Oldfield, her other great collaborations, her future plans and -of course- Greece!

Ms. Reilly welcome to! What have you been up to these days?

Thank you. I’ve been very busy. Writing and recording and touring. Since The last time I was in Greece.

How was your love for music born and which was the moment in your life you thought that this is what you want to do?

My father was a singer and it’s something I’ve always done. I don’t think I can ever remember a time when I didn’t want to do this.

Recently you released a cover to the classic “Do you hear what I hear?”. Can you tell us a few words about this release?

I always wanted to make a Christmas album as there are so many great songs . I could never find the time until now. I was working in a studio in the hills in Scotland and it was snowing I thought now is the time . So I put a list together of songs I would like to interpret in my own way. Then Stuart, Brian And I started work. It was a lot of fun to do.

Decided to put 1 or 2 up on my website to let people hear them. I am going to release the album around Christmas this year.

What inspires you the most to write your songs?

I’m not sure, sometimes it can be a melody that triggers a mood then a lyric. Or just something that’s happened in my life, something I’ve read I really can’t explain it.

Is there any of your songs that holds a special place in your heart and why?

Many of my songs hold a place in my heart as that’s where they’ve come from in the first place. Every time we touch is obvious as I wrote it about a special moment in time. But they all mean something to me.

Mike Oldfield is an important chapter of your career. What are your best memories of your time together with him?

I love touring and we toured a lot . We recorded when not touring and it was very full on, hard work but really enjoyable. The people we worked with were brilliant and many remain friends today. It was just a fantastic time in our lives.

Apart from Mike, you have collaborated with a lot of great artists since now, like David Gilmore, Cliff Richard, Art Garfunkel, George Harrison, Smokie and The Sisters of Mercy. Who was the most important musician for your career?

They were all great. Jack Bruce was a big favourite as I loved all his solo albums But I’ve been very lucky to work with many brilliant musicians over the years.

Is there any other artist in the world that you would love to collaborate with in the future and why?

I’m open to working with anyone if I like what they do and feel I can contribute something to it.

Did you face any major difficulties in your career until now? And did you have to take any hard decisions that could affect you?

I think I’ve been lucky as no major difficulties I can think of. My only regret is there have been a few heroes of mine who asked me to work with them and we couldn’t make our schedules work, which I’m very sad about. They are no longer with us so it won’t happen now.

Have you ever felt a great cataclysm of emotions while singing in public and if so how do you recall this moment? 

On a few occasions but it mostly happens when I record a song. I’ve found it very difficult to stop crying then I generally find I don’t ever do that song live as I know I’ll never get through it. But it can be very emotional in a different way live when the audience really love a song and sing along.

You are coming in Greece for two shows in April! What should we expect from these performances? 

I think I’m doing 5 shows this time also outside of Athens. I’m really looking forward to it it’s a long time since I last came to Greece. I used to have a good friend in London who came from Athens. When I was there she and her brother took me to a restaurant for vegetarian food. I will be doing songs from many of my solo albums and from my songs with Mike.

What are your next professional plans? Should we also expect a new album soon?

I have a new album “STARFIELDS” out this spring. I will be touring a lot this year and I have lots more songs to write.

What is your motto in life?

Treat people how you want to be treated

Would you like to add something that we haven’t mentioned until now?

It’s not long now till I come to Greece I’m going to be working with a Greek band on this tour and I’m really looking forward to meeting them and working with them. We’re going to have a great time.

Interview: Thodoris Kolliopoulos

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