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Marian Trapassi is an Italian singer. She is active in music industry from 2002 and she has already released five albums. Recently, she released her new album, entitled “Bianco”, which contains twelve songs, inspired from life and her personal experiences. As she told at, “Blu” is her favorite song from her new album because of the colour blue that it recalls the sky and the sea.

Also, she states that her relationship with the audience is based in authenticity. She tries to be authentic in everything she does. “I would like the audience to feel what I felt when I wrote them,” she told about her time on stage. We also discuss about the collaborations and as she told she is fascinated by them. Actually, if she could collaborate with an artist, she would do that with Paul McCourtney.

What are her thoughts about social media? Does she use them wisely? And what does she think about her innovations in music industry? You can read her responses to in the interview below.

Marian, welcome to! You recently released your new album, entitled “Bianco”. Tell us a few words about it.

First of all I would like to thank you for the interview; I’m very pleased by you are interest in my work.
As to “Bianco”, it is my fifth album. It is made up of twelve songs. There are many themes: the time that passes; the power of words; reflections on the future, on the past; the value of judgements. There are also two letters addressed to my parents. Actually, some songs are very intimate, drawn from my personal experiences. I choose this title because I thought it is coherent with the idea of the album, reaching for transparency and authenticity. White, moreover, for the theory of colors, contains all colors. Therefore, there is much more than what we see.

Which song from this album stands out for you and why?

Generally, the song that strikes the most when the album is listened for the first time is “Blu”. Probably for the melody of the refrain.

In order to promote your new project, you also released the music video of the song “Blu”. What’s the story behind it?

Blu tells about transformation. The color blue, to me, recalls the sky and the sea, elements to which I am very tied. In them, everything may evolve and regenerate.

You came back in the music industry after many years. Why now and not earlier?

Every album has its own story. With the previous one, entitled Bellavita and released in 2014, I worked for a while. Therefore, I needed time in order to put at a distance that experience, and to find the right mood and concentration to write a new set of songs.

What were your sources of inspiration while you were creating “Bianco”?

Life has always been for me the main source of inspiration. In “Bianco” there is a lot of me, and of the way I feel in this phase of my life. In the album I conveyed what I feel the urge to communicate today. With the help of my producer, Paolo Iafelice, we selected the best songs and worked meticulously on arrangements and sounds in order to achieve a distinctive character.

What parts of you, would you like to present to the audience this time through your new album?

When I step on stage, I just think to how better interpret my songs. I would like the audience to feel what I felt when I wrote them. I try to be authentic. I perform my songs as a gift to the audience, but also to satisfy an interior need.

If you had the chance to collaborate with an artist or a band, who would you choose, and why?

If I would have a magic wand, I would like to collaborate with Paul Mc Cartney. The Beatles’ music is the music I always listened to in my youth. It is part of my life. Actually, I am fascinated by partnerships, and I love to work with other artists. It is a very enriching experience.

We could say that you are a part of new generations’ artists despite the fact that you are active since 2002. Do you believe that you are an innovative artist or a more traditional one?

I feel I am somehow in the middle. Between tradition and innovation. I write songs, and of course I have to deal with the songs that have been written until now. At the same time, I believe there is still a lot out there to explore.

How’s your relationship with the audience? Are you a fanatic of social media?

I love the relationship that concerts create. Social media have changed our way of living and working. I try to use them wisely. My privacy is very important to me, so I try not to allow it to be invaded.

Nowadays, do you believe that an artist’s work is more successful because of the internet? Or is this a misunderstanding?

Internet is a strong tool for promoting oneself, developing continuously. Not more than this.

After your release, what are your future plans?

Regarding this project, I hope that my future wills me as much as possible on stage. I hope my music will take me far. Possibly abroad.

What’s your motto in life?

Be authentic, in everything I do!

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