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Miranda! Is one of the most successful acts in the Argentinian music scene which made its name famous even outside the boarders of the country over the last two decades. Finding success throughout Latin America as well as in the United States and Europe, Alejandro Sergi and Juliana Gattas shook the foundations of the Argentine electro-pop scene at the beginning of the century with their unique, personal and unmistakable style.

Seven MTV awards, six Gardel awards, two Silver Gaviotas, four torches at the Viña del Mar Festival, two Latin Grammys nominations and sales exceeding 500,000 records, are just a few of the achievements of the famous duo that aims to move even more people and introduce them to the sanctuaries of disco, pop, pop-rock and clearly electro music that they are used to “sprinkle” with plenty of nostalgia and explosive energy.

On the occasion of the completion of their first two decades, the “adult” duo is now ready to start its “third life”, which has the best trigger. Their new album entitled “Souvenir” which consists of brand new creations inspired by the bright past of Miranda!.

We met Juliana online, who answered with disarming honesty a full-length interview, which in the end was more reminiscent of a conversation between two friends who had known each other for a long time!

Photos by: Gallo Bluguermann

Hello Miranda! And welcome to! What have you been up to these days?

We’re in lockdown here in Buenos Aires, Argentina so we’ve been doing everything virtually.  We’re recording some streamings, but mainly we’re doing the promotion of our new album. Maybe we’ll do some concerts too when we will be allowed to, following of course the protocols to play live. Everything’s being done virtually right now. We’re so happy to have the finished album before the lockdown so the whole point for was to figure out how to make videos and other things to present the album to the audience.

You just released you new album “Souvenir” with which you are celebrating your first two decades in the industry. What should people expect from this release?

This album resumes a bit everything that we’ve flirted with musically so far. It’s a very dance disco project but with different types of dance steps that we enjoy dancing in our live shows. It’s very electronic and not so musch of pop-rock like our previous records. It goes back to the roots of the band. We were born with the discotheque, with a machine and two singers but this album explores a more soft aspect of work and everything that was given to us: lot’s of different types, more subtled but it also explores the same mood of disco songs that talk about a little bit sadder matters and that way of exorcising our problems through dancing. It’s not so unusual but we’re insisting on this same idea for 20 years now.

Which is the song that stands out for you the most from this album and why?

My favorite song is the one that’s out now, “Por Amar al Amor” because it’s trully organic. There’s something about it that I can’t explain and I like things that are not so much easily explained. Now that I’m speaking in English it’s even more. Things that are available to feel, not to think and that song brings something to my body. It makes me wanna dance like crazy since the first time I listened to it and untill now when it’s played on tv shows, like little bits of it, it makes move to its rhythm… I loved the whole process of the visual as well. We put a lot of love in the video clip. It’s the most psychedelic piece of work that we’ve ever done.

How difficult was it to make and promote an album with all these restrictions?

As I told you the album was recorded immediately after we had finished one other record. When we stopped promoting that record. It was four years ago. That album was called “Fuerte” and after that we started writting the songs of this album. By the time we went into lockdown, we had already finished with the recording process. The only thing that was left to do was to look into the little details of the album or maybe check the lyrics. Mainly our focus was on how to present it to the world and that’s why we did the streamings and the videos.

You released your debut album “Es Mentira” in 2002. What are the differences that you can spot in your music over these two decades?

I feel that now we are much more secure as artists both Alejandro and me. Alejandro is mainly the composer of the first album but in the last few albums I’ve participated in the writting of the lyrics, which brought a new aspect of what you can feel when you listen to the lyrics. Now it’s another point of view, with more words and feelings … Overall there not so many differences because we never really wanted to change a lot intentionally. We like the group as it is and its flavor and we don’t want to taste another one. We like it so bad that we had to do a whole new record. We just flirt with some different things that we like and we are very influenced by all sorts of music from all around the world but when we work on them, they become something that sound more like us. I guess we have changed much more as people than as a band. Obviously the technology and the sound of the band are much better now but the essence of the nightclub duo is still there.

What were the most difficult moments that you can recall in your career?

I think these moments are very rexcent. I guess it’s right now that we are not able to play live. At least for me. Alejandro is much more into the studio moments. Personally, I enjoy much more touring and the live shows. We have never stopped playing during these 20 years and for so long until the world pandemic forced us to.

In a recent interview you said that “this is the beginning of the third life of Miranda!”. How could you explain this statement to your audience?

Well it’s the begining of our third decade. We are a bit frightened of the number 20 and we started using the phrase “2 decades”, so we are starting the 3rd decade of the band. These are smaller numbers and they don’t feel so old, although I never feel old. It’s a trick. We’re starting the third decade and of course this thing that’s happening with the lockdown and the restrictions of playing live is affecting us but it hasn’t affected our music. We recorded “Souvenir” before and now we’re able to present it to the world in all the possible ways that we can think of, so it won’t be left out. We hope our third decade will begin with us playing live and celebrating the 2 decades while touring in countries like Mexico, Chile and other countries that we used to go very often and we miss…

Add Greece to your list please

I would love to go to Greece! I would love to play a set on a yacht. Haha. I have a DJ friend who told me that the best night scene in the world, is in Greece. He used to DJ on boats that’s why I have this idea in my mind.

Do you have any musical ambitions that you have not yet fulfilled?

There are kinda small things that I like to pay attention to like the artcovers or my idols like David Bowie, Madonna, Bryan Ferry and so many artists that I’d like to pay homage to. I love to play these things. We have a lot of things in our waiting list but musically we have done pretty much everything we wanted. We tour, we record albums in our own studio, we do videos, we have freedom to do whatever we want and have a lot of fun so I couldn’t ask for more.

Let’s take a trip with a time machine! Where and why would you really wanna go?

I guess to the disco era since we’re speaking of music. If we were speaking of movies, maybe I would chose to go to another one. I’d like to go to Studio 54 but to be inside, not outside in the line. I could be singing, I could be dancing, I could be checking myself out in the mirror in the bathroom. I love every little thing about it. I also love the disco music and all the aesthetic that came out of that era. I love it with all my heart.

What is the most impressive memory you can recall from a live show?

During our first shows, musically we were between the discotheque and the rock scene and it was very nice for me to see people dancing in our shows. That’s a very vivid memory for me. While I was singing people were dancing instead of just watching and starring at us.

How about your more recent shows? Do you enjoy them as much? 

I’m very moved by the shows we are doing now, where people are behaving so well. Our shows are really performatic. We tend to change wardrobe in each song so that’s more entertaining. I’m very moved of the way our shows are set in this period of history.

What is your motto in life?

What are the next professional steps of Miranda?

Our next professional steps would be to continue promoting the record. Our next professional desire is to play live this record and if it’s not possible we will go to the studio and do another record. We will create a show that will last for five hours. haha.

I have to admit that this interview is very emotional for me and Ale is aware of it too, because we’re taking advantage of the situation which is so sad for the world but we are doing so many interviews for different places that it wouldn’t have been possible. We’re talking with so many different people all day long. They’re listening to the record and they are very receptive of what we have to say which is extremely interesting. I think that it’s a thing that we can do right now, while we are in total lockdown.

Interview: Thodoris Kolliopoulos

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