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A neo-soul jazz band made its debut in the music scene in 2012 and to this day, Moonchild have managed to establish themselves in the industry with their very own musical creations. contacted the three-member band and they talked to us about the history behind their name, the creation of the group, their relationship with their audience, and the influence of the internet in their work.

On the occasion of the release of their single “The List” and their album “The Voyager”, Moonchild shared with us details about their future plans and expressed their gratitude for the prize they won at the Jazz FM Awards. For your information, Moonchild consists of Amber Navran, Max Bryk and Andris Mattson and it’s high time to get to know them better through the interview they gave to!

Moonchild, welcome to! How did the three members of Moonchild end up together?

Andris: We all met at the University of Southern California in the jazz program! We were all friends for awhile and then discovered we all liked the same music. We wrote a few songs together and the process felt so easy and natural that we decided to make it a band 🙂

What’s the story behind the band’s name?

Max: We all bonded one night stargazing, and a few months later we were brainstorming bandname ideas and thought back to that night. Moonchild just had the right vibe.

We recently heard “The List” from your latest album “Voyager”. What was the reason for creating this album and what did you want to present to your audience with this release?

Max: We made this album just trying to be as musically honest as possible. We wanted to present to our audience an album that was real and not trying too hard to be any one.

What are your feelings about winning the Jazz FM Award in the category Soul Act of the Year?

Max: Such an honor to be recognized for this award! Jazz FM has been so good to us and the whole uk scene is so supportive of Moonchild and other likeminded acts. Special shout to Tony Minvielle!

What motivation does this award give you?

Andris: Write more music! It’s our favorite thing to do as a group 🙂

As a band you often combine different musical genres. Would you ever try to deal with only one genre? “Pure” jazz or something else?

Andris: I think it’s probably safe to say that would be impossible for us haha. We all love such a wide range of styles, to making any music that lives purely in one genre wouldn’t really interest us.

Do you believe that the audience’s demands on music have changed? Is there a need to hear something different?

Max: Yeah! There for sure is a need to hear something new, but I think audiences have been searching for that for some time now.

What is Moonchild’s biggest dream in their musical career?

Andris: When we first formed the group we never expected for it to take off the way that it has. So for us, we are living our biggest dream as we speak. That being said, to play a show with an orchestra would be magic.

You are currently on tour. How is your everyday life from one concert to another? What do you enjoy the most?

Andris: Between shows, I’d say the best part is the food. Scheduling often creates these really packed travel days, and sometimes the only time we get to experience a city is the dinner right before the show. On occasion we’ll get days off in a city, where we might go on a hike, rent a bike, or go to an escape room or something haha.

Having made appearances all over the world, which one stands out for you and why?

Max: Yes we have been so lucky to play all around the globe with the last album cycle. There have been so many amazing shows and special moments, but one that stands out is our show at Koko in London. There was just so much energy in the room and it made for an amazing night.

Have you ever visited Greece? What are your thoughts about our country?

Amber: I’ve never been to Greece but I’ve always wanted to go! I’ve heard it’s so beautiful!

Do you think social media have helped the communication between artists and their fans?

Amber: Definitely. As a fan on Instagram, it’s amazing how we can have such personal interactions with our favorite artists. We get a personal look into their lives and processes. As an artist, it’s so cool that we can feel the love, hear feedback, interact, watch cover videos, and show our appreciation to our fans in such a direct and easy way.

Do you believe that the new way of promoting new music over the internet is actually helping the artists or is it a trap?

Amber: I believe it’s helping. As a fan it’s so much easier to find new music that you love and to support the artists you love. As an artist it’s so cool to be able to present little clips and videos, keep people informed, and draw new people in. Social media is just another useful tool. As the industry grows and changes new tools will come and go, I think we should embrace them as they come and move on when it’s time.

What are your next business plans? Is there any chance we will hear the follow-up of “Voyager”, and if so, is it going to be any different?

Amber: Yes! We’re working on our next album, but this time we’re four, planning to release it next year. Every album we try to find new sounds, instruments, tools, and influences to draw upon. So, it’ll be a continuation of the sound we love with some added textures and ideas.

What is Moonchild’s moto?

Keep making music!

Interview: Electra Limnios

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