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Neon Hitch is a multitasking artist, well known to the public as a British singer and songwriter. On the occasion of the release of her new collection with unreleased songs, we talked with her about her upcoming, professional plans. Her milestones through her musical career were a part of our discussion and as she stated, Ryan Tedder was one of those artists who taught her a lot.

If you have the chance to meet her or even talk to her via social media, you will find out that Neon Hitch is an open minded person who has always something to say to you with sincerity. Her relationship with her fans and especially with her fan base, named “Neon Tribe”, is unique and despite her fear of social media, she tries to communicate with them as much as she can.

Neon Hitch is going to release her first book, in order to communicate with her audience by heart. As a mum to be, she has many dreams for her daughter, while she does not stop looking for new things for her career.

If you want to learn more about her next steps, read the interview she gave to below!

Hello Neon and welcome at! First of all, would you like to introduce yourself to the Greek audience?

Hey! I’m Neon Hitch! (That’s my real name). I’ve been based out of The States doing music for the past 10 years out there but now back in the UK since the pandemic. I’m sending lots of love to all my Greek fans and hope you are staying well in this crazy time!

Recently, you announced that some unreleased songs are on the way. Tell us a few words about your new project.

I’m doing for a limited time, personalized hard copies of all my albums that have been out and the ones that never seen the light of day. I have so much music I want the world to hear from over the years. People can just DM me for details. My instagram is @neonhitch.

Is it true that you are preparing a book? What is the main idea of it and what did inspire you to do it?

I’ve always wanted to write a book. I’ve had such an interesting journey, not just my circus background but leaving home, making it in The States and what I’ve learned along the way. I’m making it very personal so people will get a better understanding of me. And I feel this book will give people hope and inspiration and that’s my main goal.

Also, as a singer and a songwriter you managed to combine different musical styles. What are the main sources of inspiration and influences?

I’m really inspired by natural, tribal, earthy beats and combining organic elements with pop sensibility. As far as lyrics, I write about experiences mostly so whatever I’m living is what I’ll be singing about.

How could you describe yourself as an artist with one word?


What led you to make the decision to pursue a career in music?

It was never my first life choice, I think music found me and pulled me along and I just go with the flow. It was never a decision, but more that I did everything I could along the way to keep on that flow because it felt right.

Going back in time, we recall some of your remarkable collaborations with artists, such as Busta Rhymes. From your side, which collaborations do you consider as the most important so far and why?

They are all so important to me as I’ve learned something different from everyone. From Busta Rhymes just because he’s one of my favorite rappers, to Ryan Tedder from One Republic because he taught me so much about studio technique. I am so grateful for my experience I’ve been blessed with.

What is your relationship with your fans? Do you believe that the “social media world” is helpful for that cause or do you believe that there are dangers lurking?

I love my fans, my solid true fan base the ‘Neon Tribe’ have been close forever we are like a family. I stay in contact with as many as I can – but social media kinda scares me to be honest, it can really ruin your day if some ignorant person lets their aggression out online. I cant wait till I can be back on tour again and meet all the fans in person…one day!!

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, most artists postponed or canceled their business plans. How do you feel about this situation?

well it really was life changing for me. I was living in Miami and was packing a bikini to go to the beach when I got an alarming call from my mum ordering me to get the last flight back to the UK, so I packed boots and a coat instead and headed to Wales…I’ve been stuck here since March! And then I got pregnant and I’m having a baby girl! I could have never planned any of this a year ago!

Do you think that alternative ways should have been found for those who make a living from different types of art?

I think we all have to get creative with thinking of how we make a living. The pay for artists does not compare to how much work we put in.

Could you imagine yourself in five years from now? How would it be artistically?

I would like my little girl to be happy and healthy and loving life, to be back in The States and have released my book, tv show and be reinvented as the new loving powerful mother I’m about to be. I just want to connect with everyone around the world with my music.

What is your message to all your fans out there?

To stay strong, creative and think outside the box! Dont be afraid of yourself, you are more amazing than you realize!

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