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Reyko is a rising, electro-pop duo from Spain based in London. Soleil (voice) a former osteopath and Igor (producer) a former tennis athlete who decided to switch “sport” and pursue music. Together they are part of a new generation of artists who engage in mixing different musical styles such as electro, minimal, indie, dance and trap, maintaining a balance with pop hooks and other catchy tunes.

Their first single, “Spinning Over You”, was released in 2018 in their home country, Spain, and earned them their first prize as a Revelation Group at the LOS40 2018 Awards. Shortly thereafter, their song “Set You Free” was used in the opening titles of Netflix’s successful series, “Toy Boy”, gaining them fame out of the spanish borders.

Now they are back with the release of their debut self-tilted album and on this occasion wanted to get to know them better and introduce them to the Greek audience through a very interseting interview!

The new Reyko album is OUT now! Click on the art-cover!

Hello Reyko and welcome to What have you been up to these days?

Hello ! Well we’ve been quarantined for the last few days at home in London due to Corona Virus 🙂

How did you meet and how was Reyko formed in the first place?

We met in a pub in London at a mutual friends live show. We started making music together as part of Igor’s final project for a master degree in music production. After that we kept going because we realised the music we were making was worth pursuing

Is there a special meaning behind the band’s name? How did you come up with it?

Believe it or not, there really isn’t a meaning. We just liked the way it sounded and also the way it looked visually,

How did your song “Set You Free” ended up in the titles of the series “Toy Boy”?

The production company that made the series got in touch with us asking if we would be interested in licensing the song for the series, which wasn’t finished at that time , and we said we would love to !

You gained more fame after its use in the titles of the series. Was it something that you expected? How do you feel about this?

We’re over the moon ! It’s really giving us exposure on an international level. Netflix also released the series at the perfect moment for us because we just released our debut album, so the streaming of all our songs has tripled since Toy Boy is out.

How did the songwriting of “Set You Free” occur? What does it mean to you as a song?

We made this song while Igor was still at uni in 2016. The vocals were actually recorded at the University of West London studios. We wanted to make a song that had a mix of soft and dreamy vocals and lyrics with a driving, danceable beat. Set You Free came out 🙂 !! The song actually means a whole lot to us, because it was blocked from being released by our former label, which we left because of that. For us this is a proof that good songs always find a way out, even if it takes 4 years !

You just released your debut album. Could you please tell us a few things about this release? What should we expect from it?

With our debut album we expect people to get to know us as a band and what we’re all about. We want people to enter our little universe and hopefully identify with some of the songs.

“Don’t Mention My Name”, “La Verdad” and “The Morning After” are among my favorite tracks on the album. Which of your songs holds a special place in your heart and why?

Thank you! [Igor] mine is Lose Myself. [Soleil] mine is Miracle.

Could you reveal to us which song is going to be your next official single from your album “Reyko”? 

Hhhhmm we actually prefer to keep it secret until it’s out 🙂 although it seems pretty clear to us from the people’s and radios reactions.

Which artists are among your greatest influences and with whom would you like to collaborate with in the future?

Billie Holiday, Moloko, Lorde, Flume, David Bowie, Kraftwerk, Bill Withers, Billie Eilish, etc… if we could, we would love to collaborate with Khalid.

What’s the biggest dream of Reyko about their musical career?

Our dream is to do this same interview in 10 years, although that time having released many albums and toured the world many times 🙂 !!!

What are your next professional plans?

As soon as the Corona Virus crisis slows down, we will start with the live shows, hopefully in Greece, too !

What is your motto in life and what’s your message to the Greek audience?
Our motto in life is to not wait even a second to do exactly what you want to do. When you do things with love, people pick up on that energy. Hopefully our Greek audience picks that energy in our music.

Interview: Thodoris Kolliopoulos