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Sian Evans’ life changed when she created the famous band Kosheen in the late 1990s, along with Markee Ledge and Darren Decoder, and with their smash hits “Hide U” and “Catch” they managed to conquer the world charts. Their latest album “Solitude” was released back in 2013, while Sian had already started her career as a solo singer, mainly collaborating on songs of various other producers.

In 2019 she released the songs “Up2U” -a collaboration with The Stanton Warriors- and “Orange Heart” -with Headhunterz- and she says she is positive in collaborating with a lot of other artits in the future.

Driven by her sensual voice and music, Sian is currently in quarantine at her home in Bristol, England and sends her most positive vibes to everyone who is in the same situation through her exclusive interview to!

Hello Sian and welcome to! What have you been up to these days?

Currently I am in isolation with 4 ,6week old labrador puppies , my Labrador , and my cat! It’s a funny menagerie.

In 2019 you released the singles “Up2U” with The Stanton Warriors and “Orange Heart” with Headhunterz. What are your next professional plans?

I am always up for collaboration. I love when two, or more people get together and make something neither could have made by themselves.

How about Kosheen? Is there any chance to see the band together? Are you going to release any new music with the band again?

I am looking to release a solo album. I have a lot of tracks. I am performing some of the new tracks at the gigs and they are being received with love.
I am on the road with a new and stronger version of the old band. Mitch is on the drums and I have some world class musicians on the stage breathing life into the old hits and embracing the new cuts and collaborations i have made over the years.

How did the solo career occur? What are the advantages and the disadvantages of this choice?

The advantage of being able to tour with people who you love and respect, who behave like decent human beings and support me implicitly on stage is a valuable one. There are so many more.
I love being able to have a say in the set list and bring some beautiful songs to the set , carving an immersive and interactive experience for us and for you .

Since now you have collaborated with a lot of other artists like: Dr Meaker, DJ Fresh, Brains, Bent, Chicane, Martin Eyerer, Roger Shah and others. Which collaboration of yours stands out for you the most and why?

They all allowed me to reach into myself and adapt my creative energy to fit the session. I love that .. each one has a different story. I remember every session as this is the magic. The success is mostly irrelevent, but always nice x

If you had the chance to collaborate with one of your favorite artists, who would you choose and why?

OMG well I am available if anyone wants to collaborate with me. Too hard to choose. Bonobo?

Which of your songs or Kosheen song has a special place in your heart and why?

Hungry. It was written for a friend I no longer see and i think of him everytime and hope he is well.

Which of your songs did you have the most trouble writing and which was the one you enjoyed the most while writing it?

The writing isn’t difficult, but sometimes the recording is. Dan (Dj Fresh) had me up all night recording Louder, only to insist I do it again for the record. I spent 10 hours re recording it, locked in a studio for them to finally use the original !!!

How was the period when “Hide U” took off and how much did your life change at this point?

I was a poor single mum, struggling to make ends meet and living in sheltered housing.
It was a tectonic shift for my son and for myself. We had money all of a sudden but I was never home so my relationship with my son was inhibited and I missed out on a lot of important things.

What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you while performing on stage?

We had a power cut in Austria due to a power break , so I grabbed a loud Hailer and sang through that till the sound then lights came back on.

If you had the power, which things would you change in the music industry?


If you could give your youngest self any kind of advice what would that be?

Its all gonna be alright baby

What’s your motto in life?

do your thing and harm none

What is your message to all your fans out there?

I am currently in isolation in Bristol due to COVID 19. I am sending my love out to everyone in the same situation. Be kind to yourselves and dance like no one is watching sing like no one is listening x

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