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Tassos Petsas -also known as Tasos P.– came to the spotlight of the the music industry in 2015 when he released the song “Mother of mine (Anna)”, which he composed back in 1992. All these years it was just a song that his mother loved to listen to while he was playing it to her on the keyboard. Unfortunately, his mother, passed away in April 2013, after suffering from cancer. Then, he decided to optimize it and dedicate it to her memory!

This brilliant track went on and scored high positions in the charts that even surpassed the borders of Greece and thus paved the way for even more hits which even managed to put Tasos’ name on the Billboard charts and lately among the nominated artists at the World Music Awards from where he didn’t leave empty-handed! The creations of “Bliss”, “Stay”, “Untitled” and “BabyLove” continue to make his name known to the general public, since his authenticity, sincerity and sensitivity are always among the main ingredients in the writing of his music, something that the crowd needs to feel even through music!

Tasos is also a graduate of the Law University of Athens, but he is well aware of how to manage his dual status as “Anastasios Petsas, lawyer” and “Tasos P., music producer”. But who is Tasos P. beyond all these? What inspires him to write his music and how does he face this great success and recognition?

For others, Tasos may be one of the most promising songwriters in the greek music scene, but for me he is also one of the most down-to-earth artists and kind people I have ever met in the music industry.

Tasos P. welcome to First of all, I would like you to tell us who is Tassos Petsas. How would you introduce yourself to someone who doesn’t know you?

Thank you for the invitation. I am a lawyer in terms of banking law and a musician in terms of electronic music.

How did you start working on your music professionally?

I started professionally in 2015 when I signed my first record contract with FM Records. But I started studying music when I was 15 years old. First I studied synthesizer, singing 10 years ago and subsequently synthesis and production.

Your song “Bliss (Film Version)” won two Global Music Awards in the categories of “electronic & dance” and “concept”. What do these honours mean to you?

I’m very happy and satisfied that my music was recognized in a such important event in the U.S. which is backed by Billboard and the Grammys.

What are your musical influences and which are the artists that you would like to collaborate with in the future?

Most of all is the electronic music such as Pet Shop Boys and the modern new soul, R’n’B such as The Weeknd. As for the collaborations, there are plenty I would like to work with both in Greece and abroad, but by now I have learned that partnerships are based on good public relations, so I’ve stopped waiting for something to occur.

From what do you gain inspiration to write new music? Is there a particular story behind the creation of your latest single “Baby Love”?

I am mostly inspired by personal experiences because my music is mostly autobiographical. As for “BabyLove”, it’s a romantic and upbeat song that expresses my personal situation today. “BabyLove”, apart from its success in both IFPI official and digital charts, it’s the song that has been loved by radio producers more than any other of my songs since it’s been in the playlists of several radio stations and the biggest radio producer in Greece that I appreciate and admire since I was young, Mr. Yiannis Petrides who also published it on his web-page

“Mother Of Mine (Anna)” is based on an unpleasant personal experience of yours. I guess it’s the most special song of your career so far! Would you like to tell us more about how this song was created in the first place?

It’s a composition that I wrote at the age of 15, my mother loved listening to it for many years and after her passing due to breast cancer in 2013, I wanted to pay tribute to her memory and so I worked on a better production and I released it. For those who do not know it, “Mother Of Mine (Anna)”, besides being a golden record in Greece, going up to #1 of Billboard magazine for four years (2015-2018) is among the best songs of all time in Europe only in sales and in popularity.

Which of your songs holds a special place in your heart and why?

Every single song expresses my own unique experience. I can’t distinguish one of them. I love them all the same. Maybe I can distinguish “Mother Of Mine (Anna)” a little more because it’s the first song I ever wrote in my life and the one that I combined with my mother.

Apart from your involvement in music, you also practice law! If you had to choose one of these two professions, which one would you choose and why?

I love both of them equally, but if I had to choose just one, I would choose the profession of the lawyer because I make my living out of it and through law I feel like offering more as Tasos.

How much does the internet help a new artist to promote his/her music?

It helps a lot because everything is being done all over the internet (shopping, radio, promotion of your job through facebook)…

After the release of your latest single “BabyLove,” should we expect a release of a complete recording?

There is a plan for the release of my second complete work titled “Libra (1975) – The Album” but it’s scheduled for next year.

How do you imagine yourself after a decade?

I try not to think in the long run. What I want is to be healthy with a balanced personal and professional life.

What is your motto in life?

Don’t stop struggling despite the difficulties you may encounter on your way. This is also the concept of “Bliss”, which was awarded at the Global Awards.

Interview: Thodoris Kolliopoulos

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