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He has been in the music industry for four decades. He managed to conquer the audience all over the world, since the beginning of the 80’s, as a member of the legendary German duo, Modern Talking when their smash hits “You’re My Heart, You’re My Soul”, “Cheri, Cheri Lady” , “Brother Louie”, “Atlantis Is Calling (SOS for Love)”, “You Can Win If You Want” etc. established them in the industry (mainly in disco) leaving these timeless “diamonds” as an important heritage.

Since then, Thomas Anders has really tried everything: solo career, recordings in other languages, collaborations with other great artists, concert hits, got married (twice), became a father, wrote cookbooks, participated in talent shows as a judge and much more. However, the one thing that he never put in second place, was his musical quest, through which he proved that he is a multidimensional artist but also that he has not yet said his “last word”!

On the occasion of the recent release of his single “Cosmic Rider”, we chatted with Thomas Anders and asked him about his future plans but also about his glorious past. What should we expect from his next album entitled “Cosmic”? What else is in his future, grandiose plans for his career? What are his strongest memories from the Modern Talking era and how does he feel about that point in his career, now that he has chosen to walk in separate paths with Dieter Bohlen?

Find out everything in the exclusive interview he gave to, below…

Hello Mr. Anders and welcome to How has the quarantine been for you so far and how did it affect your professional plans?

Well, the quarantine changed the complete annual expiry. It was planned to touring in Germany, Russia and the US and having lots of shows in different countries. But I’m an artist and I worked on other projects like recording my new English album “Cosmic”.

Recently you released your new single “Cosmic Rider”! Could you please tell us a few things about it? What was the inspiration behind its songwriting?

Christian Geller and me had the idea to record an album in the Modern Talking style, but in the sound from 2021. One of the first writings was “Cosmic Rider” and we continued the songwriting on that base.

As you mentioned earlier, “Cosmic Rider” is part of a full length album entitled “Cosmic”! What should we expect from this forthcoming release?

Like I mentioned the album is very close to the writing of Modern Talking. So many fans were asking about that style of music. Now I hope they will like it.😀

Which differences can you spot between the disco revival of the latest years and the ones in the 80’s? Is there anything else that should be done for this revival to be successful?

I think many music lovers are searching for melodies. In the 80’s it was possible to sing every song because of a great songwriting. Songwriting has something to do with talent and craft. Unfortunately this kind of work went into the background through computerization. From the beginning of the 90’s it was possible to create songs even without having any idea of basic musical knowledge. This is an explanation why the songwriting went more and more into rhythm based music.

Apart from English, you’ve been really successful by singing in other languages too. Your German language albums were very successful in your country and your Spanish language album “Barcos de Cristal “(1994) proved successful too in countries like Argentina where its eponymous title track climbed to No. 1. What was your motive to sing in these languages?

As is so often the case of coincidence. At the beginning of the 90’s I recorded some albums in Los Angeles. And my producer in that times had close connections to South America.
We took from these albums the best songs and recorded them in Spanish language. A TV producer in Argentina had the idea to take one of these songs as the main title track for an Argentinian “Sope-Opera”. So I went to No.1.😆

Do you have thoughts of singing again in other languages in the future?

I’m not planning it at the moment. But you never know, if I come up with a new idea and maybe I sing in another language.

Since you don’t hesitate to experiment in your projects, is there any other music style that you would love to undertake?

Not really a special music style, but one day I will make a show with a big symphony orchestra.

Are there any of your songs that you expected to have received a greater response from the audience?

There are a lot of songs.😂 I found out even if a song is or was not successful, doesn’t mean it’s a bad song. Sometimes the fans don’t like me with that kind of music, or it’s simply the wrong time of the release.

Which two do you consider to be the best highlights of your career so far?

Even there are a lot. Definitely the success from “You’re my heart, you’re my soul”. This song was the start of my career which changed my life completely. Another highlight was to sing for 85.000 people in Santiago de Chile in one show. And I will never forget when I greeted for the first time my audience and said: “Good evening New York City”.

How do you recall your Modern Talking years? Is there a highlight from this period that you remember nostalgically?

I enjoyed the second Modern Talking period much more than the first one. I was older, had more life experience and had self-assurance. In the first period the record company determined my life and I felt like controlled. If I look back I am proud and realize that the second part of Modern Talking was more successful Modern Talking in the 80’s.

What’s your relationship with your audience? Do you remember any remarkable incident with a fan?

There are so many stories that I could write a book about it. A few fans who moved to my home town, fans who did camping in front of my house and even a fan who wanted to change his name in Thomas Anders.

If you had to choose five songs for the soundtrack of your life, which would they be?

Definitely “You’re my heart, you’re my soul”, “Mandy”, “Somewhere”, “Both sides now” and “Believe”.

What is your message to all your fans out there?

I wanna say a million thanks to all my fans in the world, that they walking with me, meanwhile since decades, through my life and supporting me. This is a priceless gift for me.

What is your motto in life?

My motto is a German saying: We are sure of a NO, we can ask for a YES!

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