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He has been in the music industry for almost three years. His debut single “Run To You” was released in August 2017. Tom Gregory is an up-and-coming pop singer, who soon managed to present exceptional singles, such as “Losing Sleep” and “Honest”. Even though he is only 24 years old, he seems to have known from the very beginning that he would succeed in the music industry.

Gregory has already gotten into acting, but music seems to be his great love that has won him over. On the occasion of the recent release of his single “Rather Be You”, we contacted him to find out more about him. Having already entered the studio for the preparation of his debut album, Gregory spoke to us about its content, but also about how he believes the audience will respond.

Through his songs he manages to combine pop with indie rock elements, from which he is influenced, a fact that is reflected in his new studio album. What is Tom Gregory’s biggest dream and with who would he like to collaborate with in the future? The young singer talked about these and many more to!

Hello Tom and welcome at! First of all, would you like to introduce yourself to the Greek audience?

Hey I’m Tom Gregory. I’m 24, and a musician from Blackpool in the northwest of England! I also love a good gyros and a beer!

Your debut studio album is set to release on September 18th. What should we expect from this release?

A lot of heartache, growing up and grit! This album I think is so diverse sound wise and I hope that people really appreciate that! I guess that mirrors my life really, lots of different emotions, twists and turns!

Recently, you released your new song “Rather Be You”. On the occasion of this release, I would like to ask you about your sources of inspiration and when do you feel ready to write a song?

This song was about a break up. We all have those break ups where it seems easier for the other person and like they can just leave you without a care in the world! This song is exactly that, saying I’d rather be you, because it would be easier for me to get over this relationship. I think a lot of people can resonate with that! As for when I feel ready to write a song, I’m pretty much writing song ideas all the time, I can be literally anywhere..!

Would you describe this album as an up-to-date or a timeless one and why?

I think my music is inspired by more indie rock bands of the past and artists that used allot of acoustics, keys and bass! So I deffintley think this record reflects that.

You are only 24 years old and quite ambitious. What is your biggest dream for the future and especially for your music career?

I think my dream for the future is definitely a sold out world tour.

How do you imagine yourself in five years from now?

I hope that I’m happy, healthy, and still touring my songs to people!

If you had the chance to collaborate with an artist or a band in the future, who would you choose and why?

I’d definitely love to collaborate with Ryan Tedder from One Republic. I’ve been a fan of his songwriting and his band for many years now! I think we could write something amazing together!

What are your feelings about this global pandemic due to COVID-19 and what is your message to the people?

My message is stay safe, and look after one another..! Everyone knows that its a terrible situation and there are many people across the world suffering and dying from the virus, sometimes you cant put it into words really.

Despite the difficulties we are experiencing, do you think that something good will come out of this situation?

I actually think that it has made us all become a lot closer to one another. In my case it’s the longest I’ve spent with my family in quite a number of years. I also think its made everyone appreciate the freedoms life can bring allot more than we did before.

What is your motto in life?

There is a saying from the town that I am from – “Worse things have happened at sea”. It basically means that no matter how bad you think something is, someone else is always worse off than you!

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