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Tom Walker is a rising talent of the indie-folk music industry. At the age of 25 he managed to release his first E.P. “Blessings,” and is currently preparing his debut studio album. Walker prefers to collaborate with producers like Jim Abbis for outstanding results, while his works have been carefully selected so far.

Lately, the Manchester singer is in the studio preparing his new album and at the same time his upcoming tour. One year after the release of “Fly Away With Me”, Walker shared his new single “Heartland” and “Leave a Light On”.

He found some time and spoke to for the stories behind these two songs, his new album and his future plans, despite his busy schedule.

Who is Walker and what is his interest in music? Who contributed to his musical education? If you want to find out who is the man who is going to be the next center of attention in the coming time, read our discussion here!

Tom, welcome to! You are a young man who follows his dreams! What are your current priorities?

Friends and family have always been my number one priority, without them I wouldn’t be here today so I will always put them first.

In May you released your debut EP, “Blessings”. Therefore, you have achieved one of your goals. What is your next big step?

The album release! I’ve been lucky enough to work with one of my favorite producers on both the EP and the album, Jim Abbis, he’s amazing and really helps my visions come to life. He’s is proper old school in his approach to recoding and It sounds amazing. I can’t wait for people to hear what we’ve been working on.

At the same time, you are preparing your tour in UK. What is your advice to your audiencein advance of these shows?

We’ve now done the UK tour and it was amazing. Every show was sold out and it was mental to hear so many people singing my songs back to me at every single show.

Given the terrorist attacks worldwide especially during concerts, is there anything that scares you? Are there preventive measures by those responsible?

There’s nothing you can really do apart from turn up and have a good time!

Lately, you are in the studio once again. Is it time to release your debut full-length studio album? What can we expect from you discographically?

It’s coming!

Are there any details about it that you can share with us? Like the possible release date or any collaborations included?

I can’t say anything at the moment other than 2018, but more music and more touring is coming!

You write songs, you record them, and you give live performances. Which of these processes do you appreciate the most?

The live, it’s all about getting out there and playing the songs live to the fans, nothing beats that experience. Recording is amazing too but just doesn’t quite match up to the energy of hundreds of fans.

What was the story or the inspiration behind your new songs “Heartland” and “Leave a Light On” that we heard recently?

Heartland is about a lot of different things and not letting temptation get the better of you in whatever forms it presents itself. Leave a light On, is much more personal to me about an experience a little while back where I lost someone and wasn’t too sure if I would get them back.

Things in life move very fast! How do you imagine yourself in five years from now?

I couldn’t even tell you where I going to be next week let alone in 5 years.

What are Tom Walker’s musical influences and to what extent have they influenced your song-writing?

So much stuff that I listened to growing up has influenced my music from AD/DC, to Ray Charles to the Police. There’s a bit of everything in there I hope.

All people have an artist they admire. Who is your favorite and who would you like to work with?

Ray Charles hands down.

What is your family background? To what extent has your family supported you with your choices and your love for music?

I’ve got a huge family both in Glasgow and Manchester and they’re so supportive in everything I do. My parents realized that music was something I was actually quite good at from a young age so they pushed me to pursue it.

Is there anything else that you would like to add and has not been mentioned so far?

Thanks for having me!

What is Tom Walker’s motto?

It’ nice to be nice! George Ezra told me that at a NYE party a few years back and it’s stuck ever since.

Tom, thank you very much for this interview and your time, despite your tight schedule! Good luck with your next steps!

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