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If there is such a thing as a “Musical Gene” then there are three siblings in a quiet corner of Oregon that are living proof that it exists. Joshua, Bethany and Manny make up the popular trio, who have aptly named themselves WE THREE. Growing up in a music family, the three siblings, learned to function as a band from a very early age and it would probably be unlikely that they could do it any other way in the music industry.

After participating in the 13th season of America’s Got Talent in 2018, they proved not only that they are just a “beautiful family” but also three talented siblings who have “the whole package” to conquer a great fan base… and they did it.

After two full-length albums (“WE THREE” of 2018 and the “Dear Paranoia, Sincerely, Me” of 2020), countless live appearances, concerts and TV guests, they spent most of 2021 releasing “stray” singles such as : “Same Way Too”, “Sara”, “Body Fat Percentage”, “Half Hearted”, “Secrets” and their latest single”3 AM”, causing the impatience of their fans for their next full-length album.

So, what’s up with We Three? Are they really preparing to release the 3rd album of their career? Is working together between three brothers still just as easy? We spotted them on a recent trip to London and talked about all these and much more in an exclusive interview for

What have you been up to these days?

Manny: So much! So much writing and we just got to London yesterday, so we are a little bit jet lagged and a bit tired but nothing that caffeine and liquor can’t solve! haha

Υοu are currently in London. What have you been preparing for your fans there?

Manny: A big show at Powerhouse Theater. We’re playing a full set which includes some brand new songs that no one has heard and we’re playing them live for the first time.

Bethany: Yeah, we’re very excited. We’re filming it as well and we’re going to be putting it up on multiple different platforms in various forms afterwards.

Recently you released your single “3 A.M.”. What was the inspiration behind its writing? Any connection of the number “3” in the title with the band’s name?
Joshua: You’re the first person to ask that.

Manny: Yeah, that’s a good question. I wish there was more of a connection but honestly a lot of crazy things happen at 3 a.m. You’re either sleeping or doing crazy stuff. So this time I was doing crazy stuff. It’s just about letting go, having fun and not letting people judge you and just do what you wanna do.

Apart from this song, during 2021 you also released several stand-alone singles like “Same Way Too”, “Sara”, “Body Fat Percentage”, “Half Hearted” and “Secrets”. Should we expect a new full length album anytime soon? Could you reveal any details about it?

Manny: You definitely can be waiting a full length album probably in spring. We have pretty much the album done… I would say it’s 99% there.

Bethany: We’re doing the final touches. We got a couple more surprises before the album but it’s like right around the corner.

Joshua: So we can tell you spring. That’s actually as much as we know

Do you have any possible titles for the album?

Manny: We can’t say it yet but we know the title.

What’s the song that holds a special place in your hearts and why?

Joshua: I think “Same Way Too”. When we first rehearsed it I just love that song. In many ways it’s different but to me it just encapsulates a lot of stuff that we’ve talked about over the years and it kinda brings it all together. Plus I got to drive a very cool car in the music video.

Manny: Mine would be a song called “Confident”. I just think it’s a really tenderable concept and I think people are to relate to it and it’s really simply put but I think it’s also profound and it just gets me.

Bethany: So I’m gonna go with one that people do know. I can’t decide for any record yet but “Secrets” is still one for me that the first time I heard that one I was full on chills and there’s something about every aspect of that song and I remember looking at Joshua saying “don’t change anything”. It’s perfect and I’ve loved it ever since… I still love that song.

You participated in the 13th Season of America’s Got Talent in 2018. What are your feelings about this experience?

Manny: All good really! To me it’s just a stepping stone. Look where our career is right now and what we are able to do. It just gave us a fan base and a chance to take that and use it in a correct way. We had a lot of ups and downs but I think we’ve been using it in a correct way and we’re really thankful for this experience. Everybody in this is a just a sweetheart.

How easy is to have your siblings as your work partners?

Bethany: We don’t know anything different. I think genuinely though we all have very similar work ethics so when it comes to hard work, putting in the time and we know each other really well so we can give each other space, we can predict moods I guess so I think it makes it easier in that sense. But then we like people that we are related to, to hang around.

Could you tell me a flaw and a virtue for one-another?

Joshua: Manuel is a little messy but he’s one of the most creative guys I’ve ever met so the mess doesn’t matter that much.

Manny: Bethany is very controlling. She has to be in control of everything that she does but she’s very good in being creative while controlling something. Sometimes you just have a controlling person but they’re not very creative but she’s like letting creativity happen and let the control aside.

Bethany: Joshua’s flaw is that it takes him a very long time to do everything so he has to check every pocket; he can’t take a step before everything is checked but a virtue would be that he does a lot of things at the same time.

If you had to choose 3 songs for the soundtrack of your life which would they be?

Joshua: Anything from 1975

Manny: I would say “Falling” from Harry Styles. It’s one that kinda encapsulates us and then “The Ballad of Me and My Brain” by 1975 and maybe “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk. I feel that if you put all three together it could be our soundtrack!

Does music have the power to change society?

All together: Oh yeah!

Manny: I think that the fact that music can change your mood in a spot second is insane and a lot of our decisions are based on the mood that we’re in this moment and I think that the fact that music has so much control it really can change someone’s day and the decisions that they make.

Bethany: People can choose to go to something that they know it’s gonna help them. Help them through the day; help a mental state and all that.

Joshua: I always think about the Beatles when people talk about the power of music and just how when they affected so many things in pop culture and in culture in general. And people like Bob Dylan! I mean the world literally is not the same place because of them and that’s freaking awesome!

What’s your motto in life?

Bethany: Right now my motto is “prioritizing inner peace and calm” and the best way I’ve been doing that is that I tell myself “I am where I am supposed to be”. That helps me when I’m anxious and worried about all the things I tell myself “I am where I am supposed to be”, then I feel calmer.

Manny: My motto in life is “be creative”

Joshua: I like both so we’re sticking with those two.

Interview: Theodore Kolliopoulos

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