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William James Sparks, a young and successful Australian producer and DJ from Melbourne, is here to talk about his career and his love for music at!

Sparks was awarded No. 1 Australian DJ in 2014, while he was also named one of Billboard Magazine’s most exciting young talents. Today, he is just 25 years old and his talent and passion for EDM music has been widely recognised, while you can see him performing in some of the biggest festivals worldwide, such as TomorrowWorld, TomorrowLand, Stereosonic and Future Music Festival.

Starting at a young age, he soon managed to climb up the ladder of success, releasing hits one after another. He chooses to visit among his tour the Greek Islands every year, because as he admits he ‘loves Greek people and Greek food’.

Currently, even if busy on tour, Sparks agreed to answer all our questions, sharing his first steps, his feeling on his success, problems he faced on the way and many more interesting quotes about music, which you can read on the interview that follows.

Currently you are extremely busy touring around Europe, singing every day in different places quite, during your Sparks Mania tour. It is something you seem to love and your fans as well! You are full of energy and passion. Could you describe what is the thing you love most on your shows and if you feel at all stress being in front of a huge audience?

It’s always daunting before going on stage at some of the massive festivals I play, but once I’m on stage I feel a sense of belonging and I’m able to give my all to the fans.

Since the beginning of your career you have made some big steps, being also named one of Billboard Magazine’s most exciting young talents, making appearances in the world’s biggest festivals and collaborating with some of the biggest names in dance music. How does this feel? Is it as you had expected to be and has all this process changed you by any way?

When I first started making music in my bedroom, I definitely didn’t think I would bring me to where I am today. I’m very grateful to have my music recognized, which allows me to play to fans on some of biggest stages around the world.

Do you have any time for yourself? And how you manage to combine your social life and your other interests with your job?

I get a lot more time to myself when I’m home in Australia compared to touring overseas. My main interest outside of what I do is my fitness. When I’m home, I can go to the gym when I need to, and control my diet a lot better.

Hence, when you get time for yourself what do you like to do?

I love camping, so whenever I get the chance to get away to the bush with my girlfriend and friends I do it.

Also, have you had any difficulties? You did start your music career at a young age. Did you ever had to take any hard decisions or decisions you weren’t sure for their outcome?

Early days, when I was starting to be recognized on a global scale, I had the option to leave my current management for a team who worked with big name DJs. I decided to stay loyal, and here we are now!

Is there any place you haven’t performed yet, but you would definitely love to go to? And why?

Ultra Miami is one I haven’t played yet! On the bucket list for sure.

How was your passion born for EDM music? And further, what was/were your influences in the beginning of your career that made you choose this path?

My sister actually got me into dance music. She used to play it around the house, once I heard it I became obsessed with trying to make my own. Early in my career I was influenced a lot by local DJs like Kalus and Orkestrated, then globally Deorro and TJR.

Regarding the collaborations you had up until today, are there any you would say they were a perfect fit and you enjoyed the most?

Collaborating with Joel Flethcer has always been enjoyable, we’re good mates so we have fun in the studio.

If you had the chance to be on the same stage with any artist, of any kind of music genre, who would it be and why?

Kylie Monogue! We went the the same high school even though she finished up a while before I got there. Would definitely be an experience!

You have released the EP ‘Another Land’ in 2014, which was received greatly from the audience. Since then, you have been busy with many more songs, but we haven’t had yet the chance to enjoy another complete collection of your songs. Is it something included in your future plans maybe?

You’ll just have to wait and see 😉

Soon we will hear you live in Mykonos and in Ios. It’s not your first time in Greece and your tour includes a couple of appearances in Greece. How do you feel the Greek audience and is there something you would like to say to all your fans in Greece?

Greece I love you and your food haha! I tour the greek islands every year. I’ve got a lot of Greek fans along with all the aussies that holiday there. It all translates to amazing shows every year!

Is there any advice you would like give -according to your experience- to a person that would like to start a career in this field in order to succeed?

You miss all shots you don’t take. Put yourself out there. If you’re making a particular style of music that you enjoy and you’re good at, stick to it and level up!

What is your motto in life?

Be a good person and good things will happen. Simple

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Interview: Eleni Kefallinou

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