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2003 – Ceremony: Remixes & Rarities (Compilation)

  • Κυκλοφόρησε: Δεκέμβριο 2003
  • Εταιρεία: Arista
  • Μορφή: LP, CD



1. “Why Don’t You & I” (New Version with Alex Band of The Calling on vocals)

2. “Smooth” (Chris Staropoli Dance Remix)

3. “Maria Maria” (Wyclef Remix)

4. “Foo Foo” (Sam “Sever” Citrin Remix)

5. “Mañana”

6. “Truth Don Die”

7. “Let Me Love You Tonight” (Shaman Import Bonus Track)

8. “Curación (Sunlight on Water)”

9. “Victory Is Won”

10. “Come to My World”

11. “Primavera” (Re-Recorded Version with Jerry Rivera on vocals)

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