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2009 – Zombilation: The Greatest Cuts (Compilation)

  • Ημερομηνία κυκλοφορίας: 20 Φεβρουαρίου 2009
  • Μορφή: CD, digital download
  • Εταιρεία: Drakkar Records


1 “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (Eurovicious Radio Edit)

2. “Bite it Like a Bulldog”

3. “Who’s Your Daddy?” (Decapitated Radio Edit)

4. “Devil is a Loser”

5. “Blood Red Sandman”

6. “Get Heavy”

7. “They Only Come Out at Night”

8. “My Heaven is Your Hell”

9. “Beast Loose in Paradise”

10. “Deadache”

11. “Would You Love A Monsterman?” (2006 Version)

12. “Bringing Back The Balls to Rock”

13. “Forsaken Fashion Dolls”

14. “Supermonstars (The Anthem of the Phantoms)”

15. “The Children of the Night”

16. “Rock The Hell Outta You”

17. “Pet the Destroyer”

18. “Monster Monster”

19. “It Snows in Hell”

Limited edition bonus CD

1 “Bringing Back The Balls To Rock” (live)

2. “Get Heavy” (live)

3. “Who’s Your Daddy?” (live)

4. “Not The Nicest Guy” (live)

5. “Pet The Destroyer” (live)

6. “Rock The Hell Outta You “(live)

7. “Blood Red Sandman” (live)

8. “The Kids Who Wanna Play With The Dead” (live)

9. “They Only Come Out At Night” (live)

10. “Would You Love A Monsterman?” (live)

11. “Hard Rock Hallelujah” (live)

12. “Mr. Killjoy”

13. “Evilove”

14. “Don’t Let My Mother Know”

15. “Pyromite”

16. “To Hell With Pop”

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