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2019 – Guava Island (O.S.T.)

2019 – Guava Island (O.S.T.)

  • Κυκλοφόρησε: Απρίλιο 2019 

* Δεν κυκλοφόρησε ποτέ επίσημα


1. “Die With You” (performed by Childish Gambino)

2. “Red’s Cargo” (performed by Donald Glover and Ernesto Gomez)

5. “Summertime Magic” (performed by Childish Gambino)

6. “Baila Mi Rumba” (performed by Julio Gutiérrez)

8. “Feels Like Summer” (performed by Childish Gambino and Ernesto Gomez)

9. “Saturday” (performed by Childish Gambino and Deni’s Band)

10. “Die With You” (island version; performed by El Alacran)